VSome families go bike riding together, others play spots. My family is a family of gamers.

Hubby has always been into video games and is now a video games journalist for a living. I was an infrequent casual gamer when we first met, but over the thirteen years we’ve been together, my gaming tastes have expanded. It follows reason that our two sons, thirteen and six, would be into video games too.

Every time there’s a new Pokémon game released, we now have to buy four copies. For the few weeks after release the house is filled with chatter about who is at which gym, what Pokémon we want to trade with each other, and bragging about who has beaten who in online battles.

During other times in the year you can find Hubby and Oldest teaming up on DC Universe Online, or me and Hubby playing Elder Scrolls Online together (we even got married in game), or our two boys taking it in turns to complete levels on various platformers such as Super Mario Bros or Super Meat Boy.

When a new ‘toys-to-life’ game (such as Skylanders or Disney Infinity) is release, it’s a household event, with each of us staking a claim on certain characters, and then various family members playing co-op together.

Other times, a weekend afternoon is spent with us all making competitive mini-games on Minecraft -  such as a game in which the other player has to find a hidden wool block in the other players’ a sand castle, and can select items at random to help them with their search.

For us, video games offer many ways for us to bond. Sometimes I’m not as cool as I wish I was in my thirteen year-old’s eyes, but we can talk for hours about which Pokémon should get mega evolutions in the next game, and then I don’t seem so dorky to him. While playing LEGO is a bit beyond me, me and Youngest enjoy making a house and family together on The Sims 3. After a hard day working, there’s nothing me and Hubby enjoy more than teaming up to run a delve or defeat a world boss in ESO. Plus, games like Minecraft have learning/ educational aspects to them, and they help the kids with creativity, Maths and even reading and writing.

To a lot of other people, we might seem lame, but I wouldn’t swap my monthly trips to GAME to download the latest Legendary Pokémon, or the Mario Kart contests we have at home for anything!