K-drama is short for Korean drama, a scripted television show made in South Korea that fans from all around the world now stream over the internet. You’ve probably already heard about Japanese anime or manga or know a friend that is just rabid about it. And you don’t get it. How can something in another language make you happy? Let alone excite you to fandom?!

As a type of television show I love the many types of moments to be found in a k-drama. These moments highlight a dearly held love of mine- culture. I have long been fascinated with how other people live and it became quite clear after my very first k-drama so are Koreans. They love to explore all sorts of class divisions and love delving into different careers and professions and all manner of lifestyles from the countryfied, to the working woman to the fabulously wealthy chaebols.

A universal element to be found in all k-dramas as well as beloved by Americans is humor. Everyone can relate to those funny moments that break tension and lighten the soul. I’ve gathered 5 of the funniest k-dramas to tickle your funny bone…


#5 - Oh My Ghostess

The Funniest Premise

A lustful virgin ghost. An assistant chef with a crush on her boss. An arrogant chef thrown for a loop when his frustratingly timid worker comes on to him in an aggressive manner. This is the most creative love triangle I’ve ever seen and it makes for some hilarious moments. The premise just works to incite the best changes on our chefs and in the funniest ways possible. It isn’t all fun and games as we solve the mysterious death of the virgin ghost; our assistant chef will have to learn to come out of her shell to help save her from a dark force.

#4 - Oh My Venus

The Funniest Couple

A 33-year-old lawyer used to be semi-famous in her teens for her pretty face and enviable figure… not so much now much to the dismay of her ex-boyfriend. Overweight she passes out on a flight home from a case in the U.S., right into the arms of personal trainer to Hollywood stars, John Kim. Returning home to Korea after a scandal with his latest client he shies away from helping our rejected lady until she blackmails him. Shin Min-a and So Ji-sub, the actors portraying this couple, make the best comedian and straightman couple as they get into one funny situation after another. You’ll totally ship this OTP as he falls for the girl before they transform her into a Venus.

#3 - You’re Beautiful

The Funniest Hijinks

A nun-to-be poses as her brother who recently won a competition to join the band A.N.Jell but whose botched plastic surgery could ruin the deal. As she assumes her brother’s identity she can’t help leaking all the helpless innocence she posses as she learns about the modern world. Her bandmates, the arrogant lead singer, the gentle guitarist and the bubbly drummer all fall under the spell of their newest member but when the lead singer learns she’s a girl it could get her the boot. Jang Keun-suk, who portrays our arrogant lead singer, is one of the most uninhibited actors in k-dramas today and as such is one of the funniest. This is arguably his funniest role as an emotionally stunted pop star who does the funniest things all due to Go Mi-nam. He makes the best faces and even transforms a rabbit into a pig-rabbit.

#2 - Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

The Funniest Historical

A girl has lived all her life disguised as a boy. When she counsels a man on dating and writes a love letter for him she meets the Crown Prince who is trying to protect his sister. When she falls into debt and is sold she manages to become one of the prince’s eunuchs. As she serves the crown prince she can’t help but be moved by his struggles. This is what is called a fusion drama. That means it is set in a historic time period, this time the Joseon era, but uses modern thinking and knowledge. In other words this isn’t your parents historical drama. The cute bickering and pranks between this couple as well as the totally unlikely circumstances add the perfect touch to this squee worthy drama!

#1 - Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

The Funniest Heroine

A college romance between two athletes. A promising female weightlifter. A top swimmer plagued with numerous false start disqualifications. They meet again after knowing each other as children and become friends when he realizes she is crushing on his cousin, a doctor. As she is forced to deal with the lies she told her crush he begins to recognize his own feelings are more than that of a friend… Kim Bok-joo is not your typical thin, pretty doll like heroine and she is fine with that. Instead she pursues an inner beauty that is attractive and alluring to our swimmer. The romance in this is perfect due to the unexpectedness of our girl. Also one of the best depictions of friendship in a drama. Modern, funny and touching if there is one drama to try it’s this one!!

Trying new things has so many benefits for us: opens up the possibility to enjoy something new and keeps us from boredom plus it allows growth. There are several streaming services that are free plus now you have a short list of the funniest k-dramas!