Fashion Trends go in and out of style all the time, and then usually make their way back into catologs a few decades later. Here are some of the style trends I’ve seen cropping up in stores, on Pinterest, and on passerby in 2015, and which book to carry for each!

The Book: Who is Mr. Plutin? by Rebecca Strong


What would you do if you woke up in a luxurious hotel in Russia with no memory of your life there but enough diamonds and caviar to make  you forget you don’t remember?

The Look: Fur Hat and Jewelry

russian hat, fashion, mr plutin.

The Book: Viola Doyle or an Unconventional Gift by Amy Spitzley

VIOLA DOYLE, by Amy Lynn Spitzley - Cover

Having a dragon for a friend and a magical pin that could save her life or destroy the world? Just the every day for Viola Doyle.

The Look: Red Peacoat

red peacoat

The Book: Night of Pan by Gail Strickland

Night of Pan, by Gail Strickland - Cover

Thaleia refuses to marry at the command of her father, or be used as the tool of the priests. This Oracle isn’t some drug-crazed depressed teen, she is the savior of a city who beats to her own drum, and as they say, ‘you can’t kill the song’.

The Look: Arm Cuffs

The Book: Game of Love by Ara Grigorian

Game of Love cover_award

When your heart and your dreams are on the line, love isn’t just a game.

The Look: Creative Cut-out topss

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.26.46 AM

The Book: Deadly Delicious by K.L. Kincy

deadly delicious, middle grade novel, diverse, YA, voodoo,

Josephine’s lack of cooking skills is the least of her problems when a grease fire turns into a fiery demon and she discovers she is from a long line of voodoo witches. 50’s Paris Missouri just got a lot more interesting.

The Look: Rompers

The Book: The Deathsniffer’s by Kate McKintyre

deathsniffer's assistant

How Chris Buckley found himself under the employment of a manic Deathsniffer and hunting down murderers is a bit confusing. What is perfectly clear is that he needs to save his magically-inclined sister from the exploitive hands of a political entity before she loses more than her freedom.

The Look: Victorian Cardigan

The Book: Archon’s Queen (The Awakened II) by Matthew Cox

archon's queen, awakened series, matthew cox,

The emotionally electrifying theif Anna has had a hard life, even by 2413 standards. Living on the streets, Anna has to make a choice, should she numb her psionic abilities or own them and risk a price she isn’t willing to pay.

The Look: Leather on Leather

black leather jacket, fall, combat boots, style, fashion,

The Book: Fairy Keeper by Amy Bearce

Fairy Keeper by Amy Bearce - cover

In Aluvia, fairies are not the cute little things in pretty dresses and flowers, and Sierra wants nothing to do with them. Unfortunately when all the Fairy Queens disappear, she’ll have to take up her destiny as a Fairy Keeper in order to save her sister.

The Look: Flower Headpieces

flowers, headpiece, headband

The Book: Deadgirl by B.C. Johnson

Deadgirl, by BC Johnson - cover

The Look: Skull tank tops

The Book: Fade by A.K. Morgan

fade ak morgan, fall, winter, wolves, wolf, norse, mythology

The Look: Oversized Sweaters

big sweater, oversized sweater, fall, winter, outfit, fashion,

The Book: Without Bloodshed by Matthew Graybosch


Morgan Stormrider’s ex-girlfriend is murdered, he is being accused of murdering Society members, and someone is stealing some of the most powerful weapons in the world. Oh, and he’s one of many born with pseudofeline morphological disorder. All in a days work.

The Look: Everything Cat