The Quirky, Cool, and Just Plain Weird: The Best in Subscription Boxes, by Vicki Keire

My only direct experiences with box services so far have been with LootCrate and BirchBox, both pretty well known and of fantastic quality. There’s something quite appealing about not knowing what’s inside, like a neatly contained present that shows up with comforting predictability. I was intrigued enough to want to explore what some other such services might offer. I did manage to find one I’d actually try, but some of them are just too far out there for me. Here’s a selection of what’s on offer:

  1. The Bug Out Box:

Are you like me, woefully behind on the latest episode of Doomsday Preppers? Did you too drop out after Season One? Well, never fear. You can now get all the glamour of serious preppin’ in one easy monthly installment plan. With the Bug Out Box, you too can be prepared for the next big catastrophe. Each month brings 5 to 7 items to your door, along with “expert instruction” on each item’s use. While the site isn’t really clear on who these experts are, there’s no doubt they’re dedicated preppers, because each month has its own unique disaster theme. That’s right, the good folks at Bug Out Box sit around imagining ways out of the next big disaster, so you don’t have to. Just three of the scenarios explored: being lost in the wilderness; being caught up in urban riots; and of course, a good old fashioned zombie apocalypse. Their words, not mine. (Link:

  1. Dive Bar Shirt Club:

Where do you find the best bar t-shirts in the world? Not here, because this monthly subscription box is geared toward denizens of the dive bar, that underrated and unsung institution most of us would rather not remember sober, if at all. The dedicated folks known as the Dive Bar Crew embark on their own brand of “seedy travels” every month to identify that unique combination of great design and cheap beer, to eventually make its way onto a fine cotton t-shirt. Each dive bar is featured only once, so wearing the logo of some place you’ve never heard of becomes a real one of a kind experience. Dive Bar Shirt Club boldly wades through the intoxicating mix of gross and quirky that gives dive bars their charm, so you don’t have to. In fact, one of the bars showcased boasts they have “Sturdy stools for wobbly people.” Clearly, this is an industry that’s all about putting the customer first. (Link:{80AA8B2B-D41B-4B21-90DC-682B262DAEE6}&RandID=597)

  1. Turntable Kitchen:

In my prowlings for the quirky, funny, and offbeat subscription services out there, I actually turned up something that’s pretty cool, too. Now there’s a box service that lets you multitask in the best possible way. Imagine discovering curated new music while you cook a great dinner. Turntable Kitchen pairs the very best in new and emerging music with a themed, gourmet meal meant to complement the musical selection in some way. Recipients get an exclusive, limited edition 7 inch vinyl record, along with what they charmingly call a “digital mix tape.” Recent recipes include sweet potato chips with smoked hickory sea salt, pumpkin pistachio muffins, themed cocktails, chipotle shrimp tacos, and jeweled fruit salad. Yum. Give their website a visit, where you can even sample this month’s musical selection. (Link:

  1. Doggie Lawn:

Now even urban canines can enjoy a private lawn whenever they want, thanks to Doggie Lawn’s monthly subscription service. You can get a box of premium grass delivered right to your door, for your pet to… uhh… enjoy. The site offers two different sizes, for small or large dogs. You can also choose monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly delivery options, too. And this is some fine grass we’re talking about. It’s grown hydroponically, and is biodegradable. It’s even engineered to be entirely dirt free, so no worries about soil in the carpet. And it’s supposedly easy to dispose of, which, to me, is its most redeeming feature. (Link:

Vicki Keire - Author PicAbout Vicki Keire

Vicki Keire grew up in a 19th Century haunted house in the Deep South full of books, abandoned coal chutes, and plenty of places to get into trouble with her siblings. She spent the last decade teaching writing and literature at a large, football-obsessed university while slipping paranormal fiction in between the pages of her textbooks.

Published works include the bestselling Angel’s Edge series, which includes Gifts of the Blood, Darkness in the Blood, and Blood Redemption, The Chronicles of Nowhere series, and the stand-alone novel Daughter of Glass. She is included in the Dark Tomorrows anthology with J.L. Bryan and Amanda Hocking, and the Primetime anthology with J.R. Rain and Anita Exley.

When not reading and writing about all things paranormal, she enjoys other people’s cooking and keeps vampire hours. She’d rather burn the laundry than fold it, and believes that when an author wins the Newberry, he or she gets a secret lifetime pass to Neverland. She is fond of lost causes and loud music. She currently resides in Central Florida on a lake-front farm full of many furry friends. She loves hearing from readers and can be reached on most social media sites or through her blog (link:, of which she is awfully fond.

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