Eugene Teplitsky
Managing Partner, CTO

Code monkey by trade, entrepreneur by necessity, writer by choice. Eugene’s experience spans the gamut from web application development to graphic design, with a strong focus on the publishing industry and interest in realtime collaboration and learning technologies via the Internet.

Eugene’s vision for Curiosity Quills Press is to entertain, inform, and revolutionize the way people approach the creation, consumption, and distribution of literature.

When not busying himself with world domination, he is raising three kids in the DC suburbs and makes a mean barbecue.

Favorite Classic: Foucault's Pendulum, by Umberto Eco Follow Me:

Lisa Gus
Managing Partner, CEO

The loquacious female half of the dynamic duo at Curiosity Quills. Part time writer, full time dreamer, Lisa is responsible for heading marketing, along with Nikki Tetreault and also handles high profile acquisitions.

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Tanya Yakimenko
Production Manager

Tanya oversees production - making sure editors and proofreaders are working together smoothly to ensure a polished end product. She also oversees Netgalley and Goodreads, as well as submitting titles to sale sites such as Robin Reads.

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Hans Kristian Tjakra
Production Dept.

Hans is part of CQ Production Team, helping make the magic happen with eBook formatting, print manuscript conversion, and more. He enjoys the work and the company here at Curiosity Quills.

He reads mostly science fiction and fantasy. He’s also into watching movies and playing video games. He loves animals too.

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