Interview with The SwitcH authors A.W. Hill & Nathanael Hill, by Clare Dugmore
Want to know more about the father-son duo behind our latest YA scifi thriller, The Switch? Well you’re in luck, as we have an interview with authors A.W. Hill & Nathanael Hill about writing a book together, the science behind parallel universes, and if there will be a The Switch 2. Okay, so who gets credit […]
(D) Disabilities in Fiction: What’s Missing in the Search for Diversity, by Nikki Tetreault
In the US, about 74.6 million people have some type of physical disability, so it’s insane to think that there isn’t an entire section devoted to awesome protagonists with unique obstacles to overcome. An article recently released by the Guardian points out the gap in diverse character  development in the Hunger Games, in which the […]