Interview with Fairfax Library Foundation’s Director of Development Abigail Fine., by Alisa Gus
This weekend, a number of CQ authors will be attending the Fairfax Library Foundation’s Barnes & Noble Bookfair. This event wouldn’t be possible without Fairfax Library Foundation’s Director of Development Abigail Fine, who met CQ managing partner Alisa Gus, when she entered a Twitter pitch event. Alisa faved the pitch, requested the full (at which […]
The Villains You Find In Online Writing Groups, by Private: Jordan Elizabeth
I’ve taught numerous creative writing and “how to get published” classes at local libraries.  I always stress the importance of getting feedback on your work.  The paragraph might sparkle on your computer screen.  You’ve never been more proud of anything you’ve ever written.  You read it ten times, it is just amazing…and then someone else […]
How To Write Villains, by Astrid Kaniele
As I begin to edit a novel I’ve left alone for a few months, I’ve been thinking about my villainous characters a lot. See, there are more than I expected and they are all there at different points in the story for different reasons. There’s no way I could merge three into one. Let’s introduce […]
Whatever your politics, one thing that’s clear about the present moment in the US is that a lot of people view our President as a villain. We — not all Americans, but people who share my political affinities — believe the President is bigoted, corrupt, vindictive, indifferent to suffering at best and cruel at worst. […]
I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Written That Way, by Private: Benjamin Sperduto
Most of us are familiar with the old bit of writing advice that reminds us villains don’t typically think of themselves as villains, but rather as the heroes of their own story. While I think this advice is well intentioned, it often ends up being a bit reductionist. How many times, for instance, have you […]
Et tu, Brute?, by Private: Randy Attwood
It is the Ides of March and here I am blogging about building unforgettable villains. What makes a villain unforgettable? The things he/she does? Or the person he/she is? I think both. Brutus was among the mob that stabbed Caesar to death. “Sic Semper Tyranus!” Is he a villain or a hero? The faceless thug […]
Interview with MG & YA Author Aimee Lucido, by Alisa Gus
Curiosity Quills Press recently had the pleasure in interviewing children and young adult author, software engineer and pasta aficionado, Aimee Lucido. 1) I hear you’re writing a cool new MG about a code-learning girl? Can you tell me more about it? Do you feel that’s something you want kids (girls, especially) to learn in middle school? […]
Word Count, by Private: Matthew Cox
Word count. Love ’em or hate ’em. I remember being in school, and being given an assignment to write a 1,000 word essay on something, and feeling like the world had just ended. Oh, if I had only known then… Lately, I’ve made a habit of writing 100,000 word books left and right. The idea […]
Relationship With Your Editor, by Private: Jordan Elizabeth
I have had people ask me if I ever paid for a professional editor. My books are now edited by the publisher and I have critique partners, but some I did send through a “professional” editor.  Do I regret it? YES. I think I was naïve at the time.  I wanted to get published and […]
Matchmaking That Matters, by Private: Benjamin Sperduto
I’ve got to be honest: romance doesn’t come easy for me. Nothing makes me squirm more than writing an intimate scene between two characters. I found this out the hard way when I took my first stab at writing a book way back in high school (by hand, of course, in one of those little […]