2017 Writing Resolutions, by Chloe Harris
New Years’ resolutions. Turning a new leaf. A clean slate. A new start. A new me. And all the other cliché phrases you can tag onto that. And poor 2017 has a lot resting on her shoulders. Everyone has high hopes and expectations for 2017 seeing as though 2016 is still weeping in the corner, […]
Leveling Up My Writing, by Jessamine Julian
It is often easier to close your eyes and dream than to open your eyes and make your dream a goal.  In dreams, you do not face the hardships or the realities of achievement.  In dreams, you simply have achieved it.  You aren’t forced to work.  You aren’t forced to sweat.  You aren’t forced to […]
Finding Time To Write With A New Baby – And Making My Writing Stronger Because Of It., by Private: Jordan Elizabeth
Diapers.  Sterilizing bottles (Okay, sterilizing everything).  Changing soiled clothes.  Welcome to my life as of October 2016. Before then, my life was quiet different, and my books reflected that.  For one thing, I dedicated at least one hour a night to writing and an hour to marketing.  (Writing?  Marketing?  What is that now?)  My settings […]
Building a Chain: The Joys of a Daily Writing Habit by: Samantha Bryant, by Private: Samantha Bryant
In the history of my writing life, beginning when I was a child and continuing until I was 42 years old, I started hundreds of projects and never finished one. I’d write until I hit something that stopped me (either within the story, or in my life)…then I’d give up. When I came back, I […]
P is for Perspective – Which is Right for Your Novel?, by Private: Matthew Cox
 Point Of View One of the most important decisions facing a writer when they embark on the creation of a novel is choosing the point of view from which to tell the story. A different point of view can change the entire feel of a story, and a writer should take care to select the […]
What To Do With Your Completed NaNoWriMo Novel, by Clare Dugmore
November is drawing to a close, and along with Thanksgiving approaching in the US and then the beginning of advent, the end of the month also means the end of National Novel Writing Month. Regardless of if you’re one of the lucky winners who produced 50k words or not, chances are you’ve probably made a […]
5 WAYS TO FAIL AT WRITING, by Clare Dugmore
5 WAYS TO FAIL AT WRITING BY VICKI KEIRE Mercilessly compete with other writers You are an island of genius alone in a sea of sharks. Cooperation? What’s that? Collaboration? For the weak! If someone else is doing “better” than you, with higher word counts or rankings or more adoring fans, you’ll just work harder. The […]
Go Ahead, Trick Your Brain!, by Clare Dugmore
Go Ahead, Trick Your Brain! by Vicki Keire So I’ve been laboring over a new project lately. And at first, the words were flying. The idea was all so new and shiny. And then we hit what I’ve heard called, “the morass of the middle,” and the real work began. I first encountered this syndrome […]
Quick Fix Editing: Higher Order Concerns and Lower Order Concerns, by Clare Dugmore
Quick Fix Editing: Higher Order Concerns and Lower Order Concerns, by Vicki Keire I’ve never met a writer who just loved editing. In fact, I think there needs to be a degree of pain involved with the process, or else you’re not really doing it right. I mean, writers can get deeply invested in their […]
Writing With Empathy, by Matthew Cox, by Clare Dugmore
One of the first pieces of advice given to me when I started writing and looking for feedback on it involved building a sense of empathy between the reader and the character. By empathy, I don’t mean making the reader feel sorry for them—I mean making them care about what happens to that character. Depending […]