Will AI Replace Writers?, by Private: Matt Weber
The capabilities of artificial intelligence have grown by leaps and bounds in the past half-decade. Some of this is driven by improvements in algorithm design, some by hardware, but the results are on the Internet for just about anyone to see: Facebook’s face recognition and Apple’s autocomplete are both supported by neural networks. And AI […]
Interview with Fairfax Library Foundation’s Director of Development Abigail Fine., by Alisa Gus
This weekend, a number of CQ authors will be attending the Fairfax Library Foundation’s Barnes & Noble Bookfair. This event wouldn’t be possible without Fairfax Library Foundation’s Director of Development Abigail Fine, who met CQ managing partner Alisa Gus, when she entered a Twitter pitch event. Alisa faved the pitch, requested the full (at which […]
Interview: Marisa Siegel and Lyz Lenz of The Rumpus, by Alisa Gus
Some of you might have heard that The Rumpus has a new Editor-in-Chief and owner, Marisa Siegel. Curiosity Quills Press were recently lucky enough to get an interview with Marisa, and The Rumpus Managing Editor Lyz Lenz. Thank you ladies for joining us on the CQP blog, and agreeing to answer some of our questions! […]
1) Perseverance If you don’t have perseverance, the chances of you making it in the publishing industry are slim to none (period). Very, very rarely (if ever) does an author write a novel, have their first submission be accepted, publish, and immediately become a best selling author. Usually, an author submits queries to dozens of […]
Happy International Women’s Day!, by Nikki Tetreault
It’s International Women’s Day! (How would you complete the sentence? Real Women …______) To celebrate, rather than Rosie the Riveter, we’re sporting Jane [Austen] the Reader, and running a series of posts and interviews in the next few months about women in the fields of writing and publishing. During these interviews, we will hear about their […]