Villians We Secretly Want to Be, by Megan O’Russell
Have you ever wanted to be just a little bit evil? I don’t mean like robbing a store or something real world bad, but fantastically evil. I have henchman evil. Maybe it’s just my dramatic side, but there are a few evil folks I would shank a flying monkey to spend a day in their […]
Our Picks for Halloween Reads…by Creature!!, by Nikki Tetreault
  Charming, Krystal Wade Heart Chants, Randy Attwood Schwardzchild’s Radius, Gustavo Florentin     Return of the Loving Dead, Stan Swanson Dead New World, Ryan Hil Dead Detective, Rod Kierkegaard and JR Rain     Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle, Amy Fecteau Vampire’s Last Lover, Aiden James and Patrick Burdine The Other Lamb, Katie Young   […]