I Kissed A Ghoul … And I Liked It: The Story Of How Tommy Wharton Has Risen From The Grave, by Private: Michael McCarty
The story about Tommy Wharton and I KISSED A GHOUL actually started with the publication of another book called RUSTY THE ROBOT’S HOLIDAY ADVENTURES, a science fiction kid’s book I co-written with Sherry Decker. I had a lot of fun writing RUSTY and decided to write a Young Adult Book. Shortly after RUSTY THE ROBOT’S […]
Our Picks for Halloween Reads…by Creature!!, by Nikki Tetreault
  Charming, Krystal Wade Heart Chants, Randy Attwood Schwardzchild’s Radius, Gustavo Florentin     Return of the Loving Dead, Stan Swanson Dead New World, Ryan Hil Dead Detective, Rod Kierkegaard and JR Rain     Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle, Amy Fecteau Vampire’s Last Lover, Aiden James and Patrick Burdine The Other Lamb, Katie Young   […]