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Video Games: The Perfect Family Bonding Activity, by Clare Dugmore
Some families go bike riding together, others play spots. My family is a family of gamers. Hubby has always been into video games and is now a video games journalist for a living. I was an infrequent casual gamer when we first met, but over the thirteen years we’ve been together, my gaming tastes have […]
Dark Souls III – Prepare to Die Again, Again, by Private: Jason Purdy
It’s bizarre to think of the behemoth that the Dark Souls franchise has become. The spiritual successor to an absurdly difficult and weird PS3 title, Demon Souls, it’s quickly become the poster child franchise for gamers who think that gaming has gone soft. From its humble roots as a niche title that spread through word […]
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Purdy's Perspective on Year 2 Destiny: House of Wolves and The Taken King Expansion.