You Can’t Fight Goblins Forever, by Private: Benjamin Sperduto
If you’ve ever played a fantasy themed video game or roleplaying game, you’re probably intimately familiar with goblins. They’re the annoying little bastards ambushing you in dark corridors, poking you with sharpened sticks, or trying to overwhelm you with sheer numbers during the first combat encounter of your first adventure. They don’t look like much, […]
5 Life Lessons from Video Games, by Dani Eide
Video games are seriously addicting. For whatever reason you play, the game world mimics one thing better than real life: success. As we reach each level, our advancements in the game imbues us with the power to keep leveling. We seek this power for our real lives. Every year we set goals to reach, but […]
XP Points or Death: Maturing Your YA Character., by Private: Megan O’Russell
I am admittedly new to the world of XP points. I didn’t even play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time until a few months ago when my friends, like so many others, decided we needed to learn how to play after watching Stranger Things. D&D is fun; you get to hang out with your […]
Grow Up Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
Grow Up, an adventure platformer game reviewed by Jason Purdy.
Parenthood as “Reverse Leveling Up.”, by Private: Matt Weber
I. 1980–2011 In role-playing games, challenges typically increase with your character’s capabilities. When you start, a pack of goblins is a mortal threat. As you advance through the levels, you become powerful enough to kill an army of goblins without suffering a scratch—but you’re no longer fighting goblins, you’re fighting dragons. A few months before […]
My Top 5 Games of 2016, by Private: Jason Purdy
Jason Purdy's list of the 5 best games in 2016
Why Did Nobody Play Guitar Hero Live?, by Private: Jason Purdy
Why Did Nobody Play Guitar Hero Live?
Chroma Squad Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
Chroma Squad, a tactial RPG based on Saban's Power Rangers is reviewed by Jason Purdy
Gwent Closed Beta – First Thoughts, by Private: Jason Purdy
Initial thoughts on GWENT, a card game based on The Witcher mini-game.
Outlast 2 – First Thoughts, by Private: Jason Purdy
Jason Purdy's first thought on Outlast 2 following the demo preview.