Castlevania Season 1 Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
The first season of Castlevania just aired, and here's Jason Purdy's view on the video game adaptation animation series.
Destiny 2 Beta First Impression, by Private: Jason Purdy
Jason Purdy goes hands on Destiny 2 Beta. Here are his first impressions.
Phantom Dust Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
Phantom Dust is a re-master of a game you’ve probably never heard of. I don’t say that to sound like a hipster, I say it, because it’s true. Microsoft announced at E3 back in 2014 that they were bringing a reboot to the original Xbox cult hit (first released in 2004) to the Xbox One […]
Abzu – 40,000 Pixels Under the Sea, by Private: Jason Purdy
Abzu is a gorgeous, laconically paced, meditative experience that is all too brief, and all too beautiful. At times, it makes you feel a sense of elation and awe that I’ve rarely experienced in any other game. Other times, the terror of the darkness, of the crushing void of the endless ocean around you is almost palpable enough to make you feel like you’re suffocating on your sofa.
Why I Love “Games With Gold”, by Private: Jason Purdy
Jason Purdy talks about video games subscription services, and how much value you can get with one.
Mass Effect Andromeda – Why Big Budgets Aren’t Always Better, by Private: Jason Purdy
Mass Effect Andromeda is here. Unless you’ve been sent to another galaxy in a massive ark, you know that by now. The internet has been abuzz with chatter about Bioware’s latest entry into their much loved and occasionally maligned franchise. What are they talking about? The plot? The adventure of exploring a new galaxy? The […]
Firewatch – A Storytelling Masterclass, by Private: Jason Purdy
Firewatch – A Storytelling Masterclass
Watch Dogs 2 – Movie Hacking, by Private: Jason Purdy
A sort of review and a look at video game hacking and the issue of narrative dissonance.
Resident Evil Is Scary Again, by Private: Jason Purdy
Resident Evil 7 brings horror back to the franchise, according to Jason Purdy.
Pit People Early Access Preview, by Private: Jason Purdy
Jason Purdy got an early access to Pit People, and here's a preview.