Seven Weird Romantic Relationships From TV and Books, by Oviya Raj
Shiver – Grace and Sam Shiver is pretty famous and has fans all over the world. I too fell for the hype and picked up the book. As the plot begins, we understand that Grace is in love with a wolf, yellow-eyed wolf – not the pet kind of love, but the romantic type of […]
Seven Swoonworthy Book Romances, by Private: Tegan Wren
It’s Valentine’s Day, an occasion for those who are in love with being in love. Let us pause a moment and eat a dark chocolate truffle in tribute. If you’re looking for inspiration this Valentine’s Day, all you have to do is crack open a book. Check out this list of some of the most […]
Relationship Wars: Unique Couples, by Dani Eide
You’ve just finished a book. You think: wow, that rivals my favorite “book of all time.” You can fill “book of all time” with any of your favorite relationships, story troupes or genres, but you get the idea, these are your favorites! It’s understandable when this happens, there are writers giving us incredible stories all […]
A Side-Dish Serving of Romance, by J. Lynn Else
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and I have to admit…I’ve never been a huge fan of straight-up romance novels or movies.  On the other hand, my husband enjoys watching the occasional “Rom-Com.”  When he asks me to join him, my typically response is, “are there aliens in the movie too?”  Now if you want to […]
The Curiosity Quills Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, by Private: Nina Post
Don’t get in trouble this year! Curiosity Quills presents your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, featuring themed gift packages around the following excellent books: Rasputin’s Supernatural Dating Service, Emma and the Silk Thieves, and The Actuator 3: Chaos Chronicles. And all of the gifts are under $50! Rasputin’s Supernatural Dating Service When the dates don’t work […]
99 Cents Valentine’s Day Sale, by Clare Dugmore
Love is in the air! No, we’re not about to serenade you with the CQ rendition of the popular John Paul Young song! Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re coupled up or happily single, there’s one thing everyone loves, a good bargain. So treat yourself or someone special in your […]
10 Unconventional Reads for Valentine’s Day, by Clare Dugmore
With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, love is certainly in the air, but if you’re not looking for the usual saccharine sweetness that accompanies the holiday, CQ Social Media Manager Clare brings you a list of her 10 Unconventional Reads for Valentine’s Day. [Note from Clare: Most of these books are ones I’ve read myself, and while […]
Last Minute Gifts for Valentine’s Without a Sweet Tooth, by Nikki Tetreault
Gifts for the organized reader:   Purse Organizer by Get Bullish – $8.95 Women love having a space for everything in their purse, and this cute organizer leaves plenty of room to stash a book or two! Valentine pencils and cases– $25 Tower Bookshelf – $50 Gifts for the Zombie-Connoisseur: Zombie Survival Guide by Voodoo Tactical – […]
17 of the Snarkiest Valentine’s E-cards We Found on the Internet, by Nikki Tetreault
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