Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Chapter 9 – La Grande Illusion, by Private: Andrew Buckley
There are a number of universal truths in this world. Unbreakable and unbendable facts that shape our humanity in a physical, mental, and emotional sense. Water is wet. The sun rises and sets. Snow is cold. Cats have no souls. Pop Tarts are the best breakfast snack food ever created. And so on. However, there’s […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Chapter 8 – The Outsiders, by Private: Andrew Buckley
There quite literally is not one happy marriage happening in Riverdale. Maybe it’s the water, maybe it’s the maple syrup, maybe it’s the disturbing amount of redheads . . . but relationships are not meant to survive in that town. Tensions ran high in this episode with double crosses and back alley deals happening all […]
The ‘Who Killed Jason Blossom?’ Suspect List – March 2017, by Private: Andrew Buckley
This again? Yes, this again! There’s still a killer on the loose and with new evidence comes new suspects. And as we’re sadly without a new episode of Riverdale for a couple more weeks, now seems like the perfect time to take a look at the current list of likely (and unlikely) suspects. **Spoilers Ahead! […]
The Transformative Power of Villainous Cartoons, by Private: Vicki Keire
From a  young age, I’ve loved a good villain. I’ve always been the type to secretly root for the bad guys. Villains seem so larger than life, so much better than the hero or heroine. Villains are more powerful, more driven, more ambitious, and yes, let’s face it, they have more sex appeal. As I […]
Villians We Secretly Want to Be, by Private: Megan O’Russell
Have you ever wanted to be just a little bit evil? I don’t mean like robbing a store or something real world bad, but fantastically evil. I have henchman evil. Maybe it’s just my dramatic side, but there are a few evil folks I would shank a flying monkey to spend a day in their […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Episode 7, by Private: Andrew Buckley
That 50’s style comic book opening scene with Jughead wearing his crown and Archie in the sweater with the bowtie was beautifully shot, iconically accurate, and all sorts of creepy. This is something that Riverdale does well, I’ve seen it since episode one and they’ve managed to maintain it almost every single week so far: […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Episode 6, by Private: Andrew Buckley
Parental dysfunction was alive and well in this week’s episode. Add to that a healthy dose of fear, performance anxiety, adults pushing their insecurities onto their kids, and teen pregnancy,        well . . . it’s just another week in Riverdale. Right off the bat I’m going to have to admit defeat. I was wrong about […]
I was quite excited to see the blog theme for this week, as I dedicated several weeks just to looking at villains a few years ago on my blog. Over that week, I discussed several types of villains and some of the best representatives from each category. But I don’t have space for several posts […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Episode 5, by Private: Andrew Buckley
RIVERDALE – Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness I had a real blonde (Betty) moment today when I suddenly realized that all the titles of the Riverdale episodes are named after movies. I went to film school! How did I not catch that?! But enough about me and my shortcomings. We have another episode of Riverdale […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Episode 4, by Private: Andrew Buckley
Let me start by explaining the relationship I have with Archie comics. I lived in the UK until I was 17. Archie comics didn’t exist over there. But I visited Canada with my family several times between ages 8 and 13 and was spellbound by these thick comic books being sold at the end of […]