Shadows of Asphodel Short Story: Serpent’s Tower, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills is excited to announce that Karen Kincy has just released a new short-story in her Shadows of Asphodel; Serpent’s Tower. Serpent’s Tower can be read for free on Smashwords and Wattpad. It’s currently 99 cents on Amazon, but we are trying to get them to lower the price! About Serpent’s Tower Constantinople. 1910. […]
The Invincible Shadow: A Prelude to The Soul Less Grave By Jason King, by Clare Dugmore
Argentus slapped the right side of his neck. He pulled his hand away and examined his palm. A black speck ringed by red confirmed that he’d exterminated the mosquito that had been attempting to feast on him. Unfortunately, another was ready to take its place. He hated Maes Tol. The southernmost kingdom of Shaelar was […]
Of Cats and Cardigans, by Matthew Graybosch, by Clare Dugmore
It’s been about a year since the publication of Without Bloodshed, and author Matthew Graybosch has had a lot to celebrate this year, including: Respectable sales Several favorable reviews No troll reviews A strong showing at the 2014 World Fantasy Convention Dozens of loyal fans Opportunities to serialize new work online As a thank you, […]