The Marriage of True Minds, by Samantha Bryant
Shakespeare’s Sonnet #116 is one of my favorites. Who can forget Kate Winslet reciting it in the rain, her broken heart ravaging her face in Sense and Sensibility? She thought she and Willoughby had something eternal, but he broke her heart over mere money. In particular I love this line: “Love is not love/ Which […]
Lilies That Fester, by Rand Lee, by Clare Dugmore
Lilies That Fester, by Rand Lee On those rare occasions when I am at a party, and trying desperately to come up with something clever with which to delight a comely fellow guest, I frequently fall back upon that old gay man’s time-tested ploy, imitating the voice of Katharine Hepburn. Badly. “Lilies that fester smell […]