Matchmaking That Matters, by Private: Benjamin Sperduto
I’ve got to be honest: romance doesn’t come easy for me. Nothing makes me squirm more than writing an intimate scene between two characters. I found this out the hard way when I took my first stab at writing a book way back in high school (by hand, of course, in one of those little […]
Nine Great Relationships in Fantasy and Why They Work, by Private: Vicki Stiefel
Great fantasy relationships—oh, how I swoon over them. I thought I’d start with Adam and Eve. They were nuts about each other. Except… Yeah, not a HEA. So I turned to Odysseus and Penelope. Talk about an alpha male and a smart woman. They worked for me, and the Greek myths are chock-full of romantic […]
Seven Great Relationships in YA, by Monique Banner
Love is in the air. With February being the month for Valentine’s Day. If you really think about Valentine’s Day young adult books are perfect for this holiday. Whether you’re reading fiction, science fiction or fantasy in young adult books; one thing that is common is romance. It’s not YA without romance. It’s something about […]
Seven Swoonworthy Book Romances, by Private: Tegan Wren
It’s Valentine’s Day, an occasion for those who are in love with being in love. Let us pause a moment and eat a dark chocolate truffle in tribute. If you’re looking for inspiration this Valentine’s Day, all you have to do is crack open a book. Check out this list of some of the most […]
Dysfunctional Relationships in Fantasy: Love Triangles and Codependency Pushing the Hero Forward, by Private: Megan O’Russell
I love a good romance in a book. Star-crossed lovers, the girl next door, the unexpected crush, I love them all. But there are some times you read a book and just want to shake the characters. Scream at them in an older and wiser, holier-than-thou voice, “What are you thinking?! Do you have any […]
7 (But Sort-of 10) relationships in fantasy and why they work for me, by Brit
As I sat to write about the 7 relationships is in the Fantasy Book genre and why they work for me, I discovered most weren’t necessarily “romantic”. For me, my favorite relationships to read about are ones that don’t evolve too quickly but develop over the course of complicated context, survive the trials of their […]
A Side-Dish Serving of Romance, by J. Lynn Else
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and I have to admit…I’ve never been a huge fan of straight-up romance novels or movies.  On the other hand, my husband enjoys watching the occasional “Rom-Com.”  When he asks me to join him, my typically response is, “are there aliens in the movie too?”  Now if you want to […]
December Sitewide 99 Cents Sales, by Clare Dugmore
Christmas has come early to Curiosity Quills Press, and you’re all invited! Between December 12 and 24, almost all* our titles will be on 99 cents coutndown sale. To make things easier, we’ve broken the sale period down into seven different genre-based categories, with each genre’s books on sale for a two day period. Click […]
Chest of Bone Cover Reveal and Pre Order Announcement, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills is excited to share the cover for Vicki Stiefel’s forthcoming paranormal, fantasy, romance, thriller CHEST OF BONE, which will be released on February 14, 2017! Chest of Bone is avaliable now for pre-order, and those who pre-order will get the book three days before the offical release, on February 11 instead of 14! […]
Updated Covers & Sale: The Atlas Link Series, by Jessica Gunn!, by Clare Dugmore
Ahead of the release of book two in the Atlas link Series by Jessica Gunn, LANDLOCKED, the science-fiction romance series that started with GYRE, in February, have undergone a makeover! To celebrate Landlock’s approaching release, on September 12, and the fabulous new covers, book one Gyre is on sale for just 99 cents; September 1 […]