Cuphead Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
Cuphead is a fiendishly difficult game that hides it’s old school run and gun inspirations beneath an, ironically, even older school artstyle. Looking every inch an authentic cartoon from the 1930’s, you’d be forgiven for thinking the cutesy and innocent appearance means you’re in for an easy time. Cuphead is not friendly, despite the jovial […]
Blade Runner 2049 Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
Jason Purdy review of (what might be) the best movie sequel of 2017.
Castlevania Season 1 Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
The first season of Castlevania just aired, and here's Jason Purdy's view on the video game adaptation animation series.
Slime Rancher Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
Some video games are easy to describe, some are not. Slime Rancher belongs in the latter.
American Gods Season 1 Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
American Gods review by Jason Purdy
Better Call Saul – Season 3 Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
Reaching it's third season, Better Call Saul doesn’t feel like a Breaking Bad prequel anymore.
Phantom Dust Review, by Private: Jason Purdy
Phantom Dust is a re-master of a game you’ve probably never heard of. I don’t say that to sound like a hipster, I say it, because it’s true. Microsoft announced at E3 back in 2014 that they were bringing a reboot to the original Xbox cult hit (first released in 2004) to the Xbox One […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Chapter 13 – The Sweet Hereafter, by Private: Andrew Buckley
Oh how I’m going to miss writing reviews for this show, it leaves a chill running up and down my spine, like my entire body was thrust intoice water … I suppose I could just light a fire to warm up? <nudge, nudge, wink, wink> Riverdale ended its thirteen episode first season tonight and it […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Chapter 12 – Anatomy of a Murder, by Private: Andrew Buckley
SPOILER ALERT – Murderers and accomplices were revealed on the latest episode of Riverdale and they’re included in this recap and review. If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you do so before continuing. Game of Thrones meets Riverdale on this week’s episode ‘Anatomy of Murder’. Sure it wasn’t golden-haired creepy rich twins incest, […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Chapter 11 – To Riverdale and Back Again, by Private: Andrew Buckley
I have a theory on who killed Jason and why. But you’re going to have to read to the end to hear it. This week’s episode handed us a murderer wrapped up in a pretty little Skeet Ulrich bow, smoking gun in his closet, and nefarious partnerships with a well-known biker gang and an evil […]