Interview with Glen Ellyn Public Library’s Middle School Librarian Christina Keasler, by
Inspired by Glen Ellyn Public Library’s Middle School Librarian Christina Keasler’s recent School Library Journal piece on “Dedicated Middle School Collections in the Public Library: A New Trend?“, CQ author Amy Bearce – writer of the World of Aluvia Series, which falls perfectly into the middle school catogory – interviewed Christina to discuss the article, and […]
Interview with Wendy Ceballos, by Private: Nina Post
Curiosity Quills recently had the pleasure of speaking with Seattle’s Third Place Books’ former Director of Events & Marketing Wendy Ceballos. Seattle is losing you to New York City, where based on your track record, I’m presuming you’re running for governor. You’ve obviously been an incredible asset to Third Place Books. Considering that you grew […]
Most Memorable Moments at Book Signings, by Private: Jordan Elizabeth
I aim to do a book signing every month.  Sometimes I’m able to squeeze in more than just one.  I appear at craft shows, Renaissance Faires, book stores, conventions, and libraries.  Each book signing is a rewarding experience where I get to talk with readers.  Some people keep coming back to see me; others are […]
Interview with Fairfax Library Foundation’s Director of Development Abigail Fine., by Alisa Gus
This weekend, a number of CQ authors will be attending the Fairfax Library Foundation’s Barnes & Noble Bookfair. This event wouldn’t be possible without Fairfax Library Foundation’s Director of Development Abigail Fine, who met CQ managing partner Alisa Gus, when she entered a Twitter pitch event. Alisa faved the pitch, requested the full (at which […]
Fairfax Library Foundation’s Barnes & Noble Bookfair | Followed by readings at  The V Social Eatery & Brew House, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills is excited to announce that Courtney Sloan, Keith Fentonmiller, Marianne Kirby, J.P Sloan and Adriana Arrington will be signing copies of their respective books at the Fairfax Library Foundation’s Barnes & Noble Bookfair, on Saturday April 15 at Barnes & Noble Fairfax, 12193 Fair Lakes Promenade Drive, Fairfax, VA 22033, from 1-4 PM. […]
How To Write Villains, by Astrid Kaniele
As I begin to edit a novel I’ve left alone for a few months, I’ve been thinking about my villainous characters a lot. See, there are more than I expected and they are all there at different points in the story for different reasons. There’s no way I could merge three into one. Let’s introduce […]
Whatever your politics, one thing that’s clear about the present moment in the US is that a lot of people view our President as a villain. We — not all Americans, but people who share my political affinities — believe the President is bigoted, corrupt, vindictive, indifferent to suffering at best and cruel at worst. […]
Villians We Secretly Want to Be, by Private: Megan O’Russell
Have you ever wanted to be just a little bit evil? I don’t mean like robbing a store or something real world bad, but fantastically evil. I have henchman evil. Maybe it’s just my dramatic side, but there are a few evil folks I would shank a flying monkey to spend a day in their […]
Et tu, Brute?, by Private: Randy Attwood
It is the Ides of March and here I am blogging about building unforgettable villains. What makes a villain unforgettable? The things he/she does? Or the person he/she is? I think both. Brutus was among the mob that stabbed Caesar to death. “Sic Semper Tyranus!” Is he a villain or a hero? The faceless thug […]
Interview with MG & YA Author Aimee Lucido, by Alisa Gus
Curiosity Quills Press recently had the pleasure in interviewing children and young adult author, software engineer and pasta aficionado, Aimee Lucido. 1) I hear you’re writing a cool new MG about a code-learning girl? Can you tell me more about it? Do you feel that’s something you want kids (girls, especially) to learn in middle school? […]