Book Blog Spotlight: Lines from the Master, by Ann Noser, by Clare Dugmore
Last month we hosted the blog tour for Ann Noser’s new-adult urban-fantasy How To Date Dead Guys, to much success. Unfortunately, a couple of guest posts were not used, and instead of them going unshared, we’ve found a home for them right here on the CQ site. The first post, Lines from the Master, is […]
Neil Gaiman and American Gods, by Natalie Schermer
I don’t know why it took me so long to really truly get in to Neil Gaiman. It definitely wasn’t a love-at-first-read situation; I didn’t pick up one of his novels and subsequently read all the rest I could get my hands on. Rather, my relationship with Gaiman has turned out to be much slower, […]
Friday Reads, by Clare Dugmore
At the begging of the week, we shared what the CQ team have been listening to recently with Music Monday, now it’s time to see what we’ve been reading, with Friday Reads. If you’ve read any of the books mentioned, feel free to leave your non-spoiler thoughts, and of course please add recommendations of your […]
Folklore Friday Author Spotlight: Andrew Buckley, by Clare Dugmore
Folklore Friday continues as we interview one of our own authors, Andrew Buckley, the mastermind behind satirical-fairytale/ comedic-fantasy Stiltskin. Welcome to the site, Andrew. Let’s dive right into the questions … 1) Were you always intending to explore multiple fairy tales, or did that aspect of the book develop as you wrote? Have you always […]
Interview with Kaleidoscopic Productions’ Mike Robinson, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills recently had the pleasure of interviewing author-turned-video producer, Mike Robinson, whose Los Angeles New Media Film Festival award nominated company Kaleidoscopic Productions, is offering quality book trailers at reasonable prices.   Thanks for joining us Mike. Could you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and Kaleidoscopic Productions? I’ve been […]
CQ Goes Candid (Camera), by Nikki Tetreault
Hey readers, Today is the launch of our new brand and logo, which you already know if you’ve followed us on and of our social accounts. We’re also doing something else brand new today, booktubing! Clickity clack the play button down below to see our very first booktube, featuring Nikki talking Harry Potter Spell Tags and […]