Relationship With Your Editor, by Private: Jordan Elizabeth
I have had people ask me if I ever paid for a professional editor. My books are now edited by the publisher and I have critique partners, but some I did send through a “professional” editor.  Do I regret it? YES. I think I was naïve at the time.  I wanted to get published and […]
Upper Middle What Now?, by Nikki Tetreault
Any middle child will tell you how awkward it is to be in the middle. You aren’t the first or the baby, you get all of the hand-me-downs, and you seem to get lost in the mix a lot. The 12-14 year old reader group has become a sort of middle child in the children’s […]
Quo I Am, by Nikki Tetreault
Status Quo is Latin for ‘the state of which’ and is defined as the existing state of affairs. It’s a word we love to toss around when talking about social norms or making changes. I think quo isn’t actually a thing, or a what, but rather, a who. WE are the quo. With technology and […]
(D) Disabilities in Fiction: What’s Missing in the Search for Diversity, by Nikki Tetreault
In the US, about 74.6 million people have some type of physical disability, so it’s insane to think that there isn’t an entire section devoted to awesome protagonists with unique obstacles to overcome. An article recently released by the Guardian points out the gap in diverse character  development in the Hunger Games, in which the […]
NaNoWriMo: Expectations Versus Reality, by Clare Dugmore
I remember back in 2010 when I took part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the first time.   After scouring the web, and hanging out on the NaNoWriMo forums, my head was filled with success stories, and I imagined myself writing 50k words in November, finishing the novel in December, editing in January […]
Your Quick and Dirty Guide to Author Online Pitch Events, by Private: Andrew Buckley
Aspiring authors are likely familiar with the concept of an online pitch event. There are numerous ones throughout the year: #Pitmad, #Pitchmas, #SFFPit, #WritePit, #Pit2Pub, etc.   These events are designed for people who are seeking representation, a publishing contract, or both. They offer the opportunity for authors to submit short pitches and queries on […]
Reviving an Old Manuscript, by Clare Dugmore
Reviving an Old Manuscript, by Vicki Kiere For most of us, becoming a writer takes practice. Writing is a craft, after all, that has to be honed, and that means multiple drafts and revisions to get it right. Personally, I wrote three books and a novella before I published my actual debut novel. And even […]
Reviewer Feedback, by Clare Dugmore
Reviewer Feedback: When To Listen And Change Your Story And When To Take It With A Pinch Of Salt We’ve all been there; we’ve gone online to check the stats on our latest novel, and discovered a critical review. Of course we don’t reply to the reviewer (unless we’re publishing a web serial on sites […]
How Working for CQ Changed My Views of the Publishing Industry, by Clare Dugmore
When I started working for CQ just over two years ago, I thought I was pretty publishing savvy. While working on my own writing projects, I’d researched the usual dos and don’ts of querying, book marketing and self-publishing. I accepted I didn’t know it all – I’m a firm believer every aspect of life is […]
Q is for Querying – What The Hell Is A Query?, by Clare Dugmore
What’s the Next Step?   So you’ve just finished your first novel. You are full of sunshine and rainbows. Nothing feels better than typing “The End” and knowing you’ve accomplished something with your life. You’ve written A WHOLE NOVEL, created people and places and things with your brain and your brain alone. You open Google […]