Relationship With Your Editor, by Private: Jordan Elizabeth
I have had people ask me if I ever paid for a professional editor. My books are now edited by the publisher and I have critique partners, but some I did send through a “professional” editor.  Do I regret it? YES. I think I was naïve at the time.  I wanted to get published and […]
3 Reasons You Should Write a Good Query Letter and Not Kill People, by Private: Andrew Buckley
You’ve accomplished the impossible! You’ve written a book! Before you start to organize the parade, book the dancing girls (or men), and invite everyone you’ve ever met to join in your excitement, there’s still that tricky little issue of getting your book published. I’m going to ignore the ‘self-publishing’ route here, and not because I […]
Q is for Querying – What The Hell Is A Query?, by Clare Dugmore
What’s the Next Step?   So you’ve just finished your first novel. You are full of sunshine and rainbows. Nothing feels better than typing “The End” and knowing you’ve accomplished something with your life. You’ve written A WHOLE NOVEL, created people and places and things with your brain and your brain alone. You open Google […]
Just Call Me Dream Crusher, by Nikki Tetreault
My official title at CQ is Director of Marketing and PR, but what I should actually be called is The DreamCrusher. The truth is, a sad but very prominent part of my job is managing expectations. I keep authors within the reality that is oh-so evasive to the newly published, and make sure the disappointment […]