Interview with Fairfax Library Foundation’s Director of Development Abigail Fine., by Alisa Gus
This weekend, a number of CQ authors will be attending the Fairfax Library Foundation’s Barnes & Noble Bookfair. This event wouldn’t be possible without Fairfax Library Foundation’s Director of Development Abigail Fine, who met CQ managing partner Alisa Gus, when she entered a Twitter pitch event. Alisa faved the pitch, requested the full (at which […]
5 Things I’ve Learned as an Acquisitions Editor, by Clare Dugmore
5 Things I’ve Learned as an Acquisitions Editor, by Vicki Keire I actually never wanted to be a writer when I was growing up. I loved stories, and could never get enough of books. I used to sneak out of bed at night and read by the night light in my hall. To this day, […]
Pitch Contests, Publishing Queries, Na-No Virtuoso contests, and Halloween! Oh MY!, by Alisa Gus
As the leaves turn red and gold (which might have something to do with the steadily worsening near-drought conditions here in Virginia), I am reminded of the spirit of the season. And reminded that we don’t have many new Halloween-y, horror-y offerings this year. We will have sales, and themed posts, and tubs of pumpkin […]
Your Quick and Dirty Guide to Author Online Pitch Events, by Private: Andrew Buckley
Aspiring authors are likely familiar with the concept of an online pitch event. There are numerous ones throughout the year: #Pitmad, #Pitchmas, #SFFPit, #WritePit, #Pit2Pub, etc.   These events are designed for people who are seeking representation, a publishing contract, or both. They offer the opportunity for authors to submit short pitches and queries on […]
Reviewer Feedback, by Clare Dugmore
Reviewer Feedback: When To Listen And Change Your Story And When To Take It With A Pinch Of Salt We’ve all been there; we’ve gone online to check the stats on our latest novel, and discovered a critical review. Of course we don’t reply to the reviewer (unless we’re publishing a web serial on sites […]
How Working for CQ Changed My Views of the Publishing Industry, by Clare Dugmore
When I started working for CQ just over two years ago, I thought I was pretty publishing savvy. While working on my own writing projects, I’d researched the usual dos and don’ts of querying, book marketing and self-publishing. I accepted I didn’t know it all – I’m a firm believer every aspect of life is […]
What Can Wattpad Offer Established Authors?, by Clare Dugmore
What Can Wattpad Offer Established Authors?, by Vicki Kiere By now, almost everyone who spends any time in the world of books will have heard of Wattpad. The free reading platform hosts millions of readers every day, and features writing by novices and veterans alike. Success stories abound of writers racking up millions of followers, […]
V is for Vicki’s Literary World, by Clare Dugmore
I never knew just how big and varied the world of books is until I wrote one. And even then, it still took a while to completely sink in. It takes so many people to bring a book into the world- editors, designers, proofreaders, artists, photographers, typographers, pr and marketing…. Well, you get the idea. […]
R is for Reviews, by Clare Dugmore
Reviews are the lifeblood of any author. Word of mouth promotion is key to selling books, and the most accepted form of that is reviews. How many of you check the reviews of a book on Amazon or Goodreads before buying it? How many of you go back and read the reviews of a book […]
Q is for Querying – What The Hell Is A Query?, by Clare Dugmore
What’s the Next Step?   So you’ve just finished your first novel. You are full of sunshine and rainbows. Nothing feels better than typing “The End” and knowing you’ve accomplished something with your life. You’ve written A WHOLE NOVEL, created people and places and things with your brain and your brain alone. You open Google […]