Imitation of Life: Why Hollywood won’t tell the stories of female pioneers like Joan Clarke, by Randee Dawn
At some point while watching the “Imitation Game,” probably when Benedict Cumberbatch was not actually on the screen, it occurred to me: Joan Clarke deserves a movie of her own. For those who haven’t seen “Imitation Game,” which is good but more serviceable than great – Joan Clarke (played by Keira Knightley) is the sole […]
Ho-ho-hold the treacle: Most holiday movies stink. Demand better!, by Randee Dawn
After much delay, at last I saw “Maleficent” the other night. And yes, while it is full of exactly what one expects from a Disney film – for (spoiler alert), example, a villain given grace by his vanquisher tries one last time for the win and ends up falling to his death – it took […]
Book Adaptations and their Place in Society, by Holly Reynolds
The idea for this post came to me after the season four finale of the HBO series Game of Thrones. I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of it before, as my friends have endured several of my soap-box tirades on this very topic. I’ve been an avid GoT fan for the last year (a little late […]
How I Live Now, by Natalie Schermer
Warning – How I Live Now spoilers ahead! Some years ago, I was introduced to Meg Rosoff through her novel Just in Case, which I liked so much that I’m afraid to revisit it for fear of ruining my memory of it. Soon after, I read her novel How I Live Now (2004), the story […]