Uncommon Love: Unlikely Romances in Non-romance Genres, by Private: James Wymore
Humans are chaotic, always pushing the boundaries and trying to be average at the same time. We want to fit in and be exceptional. We can’t leave any unexplored territory while hoping for a stable life. These paradoxes are fundamental to our nature. The same is true in love. We love and hate the same […]
Seven Weird Romantic Relationships From TV and Books, by Oviya Raj
Shiver – Grace and Sam Shiver is pretty famous and has fans all over the world. I too fell for the hype and picked up the book. As the plot begins, we understand that Grace is in love with a wolf, yellow-eyed wolf – not the pet kind of love, but the romantic type of […]
Greatest YA Relationships, by Chloe Harris
How fitting seeing as though Valentine’s Day has just passed by! If you’re like me, you spent the evening cozied up with a nice book and wishing that you could date one of the characters in said book. Don’t be ashamed- we all do it! So here is a list of the greatest, most envious […]
10 Romantic Sci-Fi Book Covers That Will Make You Believe There Is Love on Other Planets, by Nya Designs
In a time where ebooks are available one Amazon’s click away, and with so many to chose from, cover design has never been more important in reflecting the tone and the content of a book. When we think about science fiction, romance isn’t the first thing that usually comes to mind, at least not as […]
Different Kinds of Love – Bookish Edition, by The Royal Polar Bear
Agape Everyday by David Levithan depicts what Agape really means. Selfless love. “A”, the protagonist of the novel give justice how Selflessness truly means. How you can love someone but you need to let go of that person because you couldn’t given her what she needs the most. I cried so much for this book […]
What My OTPs Taught Me To Look For In Relationships, by Astrid Kaniele
As any self respecting fan girl would, I have multiple OTPs (or One True Parings). I see it as ‘an OTP per show/book/film/etc’ rather than a hard and fast rule that only one coupling can be the ultimate romance. Regardless of the amount of OTPs I’ve collected through the seasons and trilogies, there’s some things […]
Matchmaking That Matters, by Private: Benjamin Sperduto
I’ve got to be honest: romance doesn’t come easy for me. Nothing makes me squirm more than writing an intimate scene between two characters. I found this out the hard way when I took my first stab at writing a book way back in high school (by hand, of course, in one of those little […]
Nine Great Relationships in Fantasy and Why They Work, by Private: Vicki Stiefel
Great fantasy relationships—oh, how I swoon over them. I thought I’d start with Adam and Eve. They were nuts about each other. Except… Yeah, not a HEA. So I turned to Odysseus and Penelope. Talk about an alpha male and a smart woman. They worked for me, and the Greek myths are chock-full of romantic […]
Seven Great Relationships in YA, by Monique Banner
Love is in the air. With February being the month for Valentine’s Day. If you really think about Valentine’s Day young adult books are perfect for this holiday. Whether you’re reading fiction, science fiction or fantasy in young adult books; one thing that is common is romance. It’s not YA without romance. It’s something about […]
Seven Swoonworthy Book Romances, by Private: Tegan Wren
It’s Valentine’s Day, an occasion for those who are in love with being in love. Let us pause a moment and eat a dark chocolate truffle in tribute. If you’re looking for inspiration this Valentine’s Day, all you have to do is crack open a book. Check out this list of some of the most […]