The ‘Who Killed Jason Blossom?’ Suspect List – March 2017, by Private: Andrew Buckley
This again? Yes, this again! There’s still a killer on the loose and with new evidence comes new suspects. And as we’re sadly without a new episode of Riverdale for a couple more weeks, now seems like the perfect time to take a look at the current list of likely (and unlikely) suspects. **Spoilers Ahead! […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Episode 7, by Private: Andrew Buckley
That 50’s style comic book opening scene with Jughead wearing his crown and Archie in the sweater with the bowtie was beautifully shot, iconically accurate, and all sorts of creepy. This is something that Riverdale does well, I’ve seen it since episode one and they’ve managed to maintain it almost every single week so far: […]