Interview with Glen Ellyn Public Library’s Middle School Librarian Christina Keasler, by
Inspired by Glen Ellyn Public Library’s Middle School Librarian Christina Keasler’s recent School Library Journal piece on “Dedicated Middle School Collections in the Public Library: A New Trend?“, CQ author Amy Bearce – writer of the World of Aluvia Series, which falls perfectly into the middle school catogory – interviewed Christina to discuss the article, and […]
Interview with Wendy Ceballos, by Private: Nina Post
Curiosity Quills recently had the pleasure of speaking with Seattle’s Third Place Books’ former Director of Events & Marketing Wendy Ceballos. Seattle is losing you to New York City, where based on your track record, I’m presuming you’re running for governor. You’ve obviously been an incredible asset to Third Place Books. Considering that you grew […]
Interview with Professional Knitting Designers Norah Gaughan, Rosemary Hill, and Karen Clements, by Alisa Gus
As well as being an urban-fantasy author, CQ’s Vicki Stiefel is an avid knitter. In fact, when she was preparing for the launch of her novel, CHEST OF BONE, beta reader and fellow knitter Rosemary Hill suggested the novel needed a book of knitting patterns to accompany it. Vicki got together with renowned professional knitting […]
Interview with MG & YA Author Aimee Lucido, by Alisa Gus
Curiosity Quills Press recently had the pleasure in interviewing children and young adult author, software engineer and pasta aficionado, Aimee Lucido. 1) I hear you’re writing a cool new MG about a code-learning girl? Can you tell me more about it? Do you feel that’s something you want kids (girls, especially) to learn in middle school? […]
Interview with Read With Me founder Christine Brenner, by Private: Nina Post
Welcome to the Curiosity Quills blog, Christine, and congratulations on Read With Me! Downtown Raleigh is lucky to be getting a place like that. Can you tell us a little about Read With Me and how it will serve your community? Read With Me is a children’s book & art shop located in downtown Raleigh. […]
Space, the Final Frontier for Gender Stereotypes, by Randee Dawn
Space heroines are few and far between in movies and on TV. While occasionally you get your Ellen Ripleys (Alien) and Princess Leia (Star Wars) the truth is women rarely make it to fictional space in any kind of leadership capacity. It’s like they’re spackle: We need a Not Man Character so let’s put her […]
Interview With Book Deals Daily, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills recently interviewed Book Deals Daily, a subscription based book promotion website, which sends readers updates about free and discounted books. Could you start off by telling us a little bit about Book Deals Daily? Book Deals Daily is a service that allows readers to get heavily discounted and free ebooks sent to their […]
Bitten by Books Interview, by Clare Dugmore
Today, Curiosity Quills has the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Smith, founder of book review and author promotions blog Bitten by Books, which has produced its own line of jewellery. Thanks for joining us Rachel. Could you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and Bitten by Books? RS: I have been an […]
Interview with Book Promotion Site SciFiFantasy Freak, by Clare Dugmore
Today, Curiosity Quills has the pleasure of interviewing SciFiFantasy Freak, a book promotion website for all things science-fiction and fantasy. Until 12.31.14, SciFiFantasy Freak are offering all listings on their site for free, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be featured on the best place for scifi and fantasy!   Thanks for […]
Halli Casser-­Jayne Interview, by Nikki Tetreault
“If you aren’t being monumentally different, you aren’t standing out at all-­‐ period.” What happens when you interview the queen of interviewers? A slightly sweating interviewer and intellectual conversation’s galore, at least that’s the case with blog radio star Halli Casser-­‐Jayne. Find out what we talked about: Nikki: Halli, you’ve had guests ranging through a […]