The Little Island World That Began My Love of Writing, by Scout Dawson
The year was 2006. I sat at my desk, my hour-long lunch break feeling all too short. I held my breath, the entire scene on the page unfolding in full colour in my mind: A dying man with a shark bite being regretfully yet angrily suffocated by another man to end his long and painful […]
The only thing that bothers me more than a rejection slip is a writing project I can’t seem to see through to the end. Sometimes this manifests as an inability to finish a piece I am writing; at other times this manifests as an inability to put the finished piece out there into the world. […]
What Inspired Me to Write Escape From Witchwood Hollow, by Private: Jordan Elizabeth
My first published novel, ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW, will always hold a special place in my heart.  “Write what you know” the experts say, and I did.  I wrote about the woods surrounding my parents’ house. Granted, their woods aren’t haunted, at least not in the sense the woods in the story are.  I would […]
2017 Writing Resolutions, by Chloe Harris
New Years’ resolutions. Turning a new leaf. A clean slate. A new start. A new me. And all the other cliché phrases you can tag onto that. And poor 2017 has a lot resting on her shoulders. Everyone has high hopes and expectations for 2017 seeing as though 2016 is still weeping in the corner, […]
5 Life Lessons from Video Games, by Dani Eide
Video games are seriously addicting. For whatever reason you play, the game world mimics one thing better than real life: success. As we reach each level, our advancements in the game imbues us with the power to keep leveling. We seek this power for our real lives. Every year we set goals to reach, but […]
Level 10 Life, by Astrid Kaniele
I approach everything in one of two ways – obsessively or not at all. Writing, fitness, gaming… If I’m not all in, I’m not doing it at all. Contradictory to my all in attitude, I’m beginning to realize there’s a need for balance too. Enter the level 10 life concept. I first discovered the level […]
Ashes to Ashes: Coming to Terms with a World Without David Bowie, by Private: Benjamin Sperduto
I’m typically not the sort of person who gets emotional about celebrity deaths, but David Bowie’s passing earlier this month really shook me. Part of it was the suddenness of the loss; his struggle with cancer wasn’t public knowledge and he’d seemingly roared back to prominence only days earlier with the release of a new […]
Lilies That Fester, by Rand Lee, by Clare Dugmore
Lilies That Fester, by Rand Lee On those rare occasions when I am at a party, and trying desperately to come up with something clever with which to delight a comely fellow guest, I frequently fall back upon that old gay man’s time-tested ploy, imitating the voice of Katharine Hepburn. Badly. “Lilies that fester smell […]
Big Universe, Big Ideas, by G. Miki Hayden, by Private: G. Miki Hayden
I went for a trip through the universe once at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City (no relationship to moi). I was fine going many, many light years away from home, but as we started to get out there, further and further, I realized I would never be returning to earth. The sense of […]
My BookHouse, My Friends, by Jordan Elizabeth, by Clare Dugmore
My BookHouse, My Friends, by Jordan Elizabeth In the 1940’s, a traveling salesman arrived at the house. He told my grandparents about an amazing opportunity. They could purchase a set of books, called MY BOOKHOUSE, that ranged from nursery rhymes to short stories. A new book would come every month for one year, and they […]