99 CENTS SALE: Quite Contrary and Primetime, by Clare Dugmore
From June 4-5, 2015 bestseller Richard Roberts’ dark contemporary-fantasy, QUITE CONTRARY and the first annual CQ anthology PRIMETIME are on sale for 99 cents. Quite Contrary, by Richard Roberts The secret of having an adventure is getting lost. Who ever visited an enchanted kingdom or fell into a fairy tale without wandering into the woods first? […]
Serial Sensation Launch Event, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills is excited to launch part one of FIVE new serialized novels, exclusively on Amazon. And to celebrate, from 6 AM PST/ 9 AM EST/ 2 PM GMT to 9 PM PST/ 12 AM EST / 5 AM EST we’re hosting a Facebook Launch Party, featuring the five serial authors and other bestselling CQ […]
Amazon Big Deal Promotion, by Clare Dugmore
Everyone loves a bargain, and this May we’ve got an excellent one for you, as May 8 through 24, 2015, SIX great titles will be on sale for 99 cents via Amazon’s Big Deal promotion. Additionally, between May 8 – 10, 2015 we have NINE titles on sale for 99 cents for Mother’s Day. Check […]
April Releases Review Tour, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills is excited to announce the review tour for our April releases! Between May 4 – May 15, 2015, you’ll find reviews for Night’s Colony, by D.R. Burgess, The Gateway of Light and Darkness, by Heather Marie, Redeemed, by Lisa Collicutt and Aiden James, Going Through the Change by Samantha Bryant, and Prophet of […]
New Year 2015 Sale, by Clare Dugmore
2014 has been an amazing year for Curiosity Quills. We announced a deal with Audible, released almost ninety titles, signed nearly as many for 2015 – including debuts and sequels – claimed the number one spot in various Amazon bestsellers charts, and won various awards.  We engaged one of the biggest film agencies (CAA) to […]
Holiday Hell at the Movies: It’s a Terrifying, Asphyxiating, Not-So-Wonderful Life After All, by Randee Dawn
“It’s a Wonderful Life” aired again on TV recently, as it does pretty much every year around Christmastime. And whether you’ve actually watched it or not (and I do recommend you give it a chance), you probably know the story of George Bailey, whose life is upended one Christmas Eve when a big deposit from […]
Take Me Now: The Seductive Nature of the Serial Killer, by Randee Dawn
Television scares me. That’s nothing new; TV’s been scaring me most of my life in one form or the other. Early on there was the deadpan, spooky introduction to “Project U.F.O.,” in which government officials investigated alien sightings (this was way before “X-Files”). Then there was “In Search Of,” in which Leonard Nimoy told me […]
A Halloween Special: Five Nights at Freddy’s Review, by Jason Purdy
Five Nights at Freddy’s is nightmare fuel of the highest order. The perfect game to look at just before Halloween, that time of year where we all become obsessed with either scaring the pants of ourselves or dressing up as inappropriately risqué variants of cartoon characters. We don’t need to see that much flesh on […]