Halloween is over, but we know many lovers of the gothic and the macabre, our friends who live in a cobwebbed sphere of October all year long. They are the ones hesitant to put away their Jason hockey masks or dust up the candy corn crumbs. Delight them with an extra bit of Halloween this […]
(K) Is for Karma Patrol!, by Nikki Tetreault
Karma Patrol comes out tomorrow and we could not be more excited! If you are from the south and you don’t know someone who is just like Jade, then it’s probably because you are the friend just like Jade. Her partner Luke is much more Brooklyn and down to earth. So as you can imagine […]
Fashon Forward Fiction: Outfits Based on Books!, by Nikki Tetreault
Hey readers, how are you this Thursday? I don’t know about you, but when my nose isn’t stuck in a book, it’s usually sniffing around Pinterest for the latest fashion looks. I also LOVE when people make outfits inspired by my favorite characters (Ravenclaw inspired outfits for the win!. SO….I’ve whipped up some of our […]
The Underappreciated Social Media Site: Polyvore, by Clare Dugmore
Every author needs a few good social media sites to procrastinate connect with readers on, and the common ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. One site that’s often overlooked, but allows for plenty of creativity is Polyvore. It’s a community powered social commerce website. Members curate products into a shared product index and use […]
Trends & Tomes: Latest Fashion and the Books to Go With it!, by Nikki Tetreault
Fashion Trends go in and out of style all the time, and then usually make their way back into catologs a few decades later. Here are some of the style trends I’ve seen cropping up in stores, on Pinterest, and on passerby in 2015, and which book to carry for each! The Book: Who is Mr. Plutin? […]
Michael Jackson’s famous red leather jacket: How clothing in TV and movies is secretly telling you a story, by Randee Dawn
Quick, now: What color is Jessica Rabbit’s dress in Who Killed Roger Rabbit? What color is the coat the unnamed little girl is wearing in the otherwise black-and-white Schindler’s List? What color is Michael Jackson’s leather jacket in the music video for “Thriller”? They’re all red, naturally. The fact that they’re so immediately memorable says […]