8 Tips on How to Write Credible Family Characters, by Helena Halme
Most characters in a story will have a family member featuring at least in a minor role in the plot. But how should you write them to make them credible? All characters need to be credible A character in a script, a novel or novella needs to have a personality, inner conflicts, outer conflicts, nuance […]
Video Games: The Perfect Family Bonding Activity, by Clare Dugmore
Some families go bike riding together, others play spots. My family is a family of gamers. Hubby has always been into video games and is now a video games journalist for a living. I was an infrequent casual gamer when we first met, but over the thirteen years we’ve been together, my gaming tastes have […]
Mother’s Day Sale!, by Clare Dugmore
Mothers come in many different shapes and sizes; be they birth mothers, adopted mothers, older sisters, aunts and even fathers! This Sunday is a day to honor the ‘mother’ in your life, and just as there are many different types of mother, there are many different types of reader. We’re hoping to appeal to the […]
Paddington is Marmalous, by Private: Jason Purdy
Paddington is an anomaly. Amongst Christmas films and hackneyed reboots of characters beloved by adults and barely known by today’s A.D.D riddled, Minecraft obsessed youth, it is a rare thing. It is a genuinely good film. Not just for kids, for adults too. Many movies that claim to be family simply mean that they don’t […]
Author Ghost Stories: Hello Poppa, by Nikki Tetreault
Hello Poppa by Michael Cristiano This Halloween, Curiosity Quills authors are spreading the spookiness by sharing their own personal paranormal experiences. Get haunted with these bone-chilling blogs, or post your own! #myghoststory. We called my maternal grandpa Poppa and he died in 2001 when I was ten years old. His death was sudden: into the hospital […]