Relationship With Your Editor, by Private: Jordan Elizabeth
I have had people ask me if I ever paid for a professional editor. My books are now edited by the publisher and I have critique partners, but some I did send through a “professional” editor.  Do I regret it? YES. I think I was naïve at the time.  I wanted to get published and […]
Why Distancing Yourself From Your Writing Is Such An Effective Tool For Improvement, by Private: Rand Lee
As a fiction writer, I use words to build bridges to my readers’ emotions and imaginations. My goal is to attract them to the characters and world I have created in my story, and keep them there until they have finished. Ideally, every word or phrase I choose in the course of writing my story […]
Quick Fix Editing: Higher Order Concerns and Lower Order Concerns, by Clare Dugmore
Quick Fix Editing: Higher Order Concerns and Lower Order Concerns, by Vicki Keire I’ve never met a writer who just loved editing. In fact, I think there needs to be a degree of pain involved with the process, or else you’re not really doing it right. I mean, writers can get deeply invested in their […]
Reviving an Old Manuscript, by Clare Dugmore
Reviving an Old Manuscript, by Vicki Kiere For most of us, becoming a writer takes practice. Writing is a craft, after all, that has to be honed, and that means multiple drafts and revisions to get it right. Personally, I wrote three books and a novella before I published my actual debut novel. And even […]
Writing Advice: Filtering, by Matthew Cox, by Clare Dugmore
Filtering ― or, how to keep your reader at arm’s length by Matthew Cox I’ve been doing a fair amount of proofreading / light editing and have found myself talking about filtering a lot as of late. Readers may not notice filtering in the same sense it jumps out to a writer/editor, however, they will […]
E is for Editing, by Clare Dugmore
So you’ve written your masterpiece. But you know that’s not the end of it. You’ve heard lots of talk about crit partners, beta readers, and the importance of editing. There’s so much advice about editing, in fact, that it can be hard to know where to start. While there is no one magic bullet to […]
THE CARE AND FEEDING OF BETA-READERS by J.P. Sloan Greetings, author. Yes, if you are an author, and if you’re shopping for a beta-reader, then it’s fairly clear that you have a completed, semi-polished manuscript in your eager little hands. This is GREAT news, because this means you are no longer “aspiring.” You’re now a […]