The E-Book:  A Catalyst to Anonymous Reading, by Holly Reynolds
As any readers of this blog have probably realized by now, I love my e-reader. It’s a tablet as well as a reader, so I often have phases where I either use it to browse social media and play games or as a reader alone. As a reader, Kip (my Kindle) is unbeatable. Buying books […]
FREEBIES are destroying publishing, by Nikki Tetreault
Let me make one thing clear before I dig into this: Like anyone who was a college student at one time, I’ve learned to love free things. Who doesn’t really? That said, working in the publishing industry has caused me to greatly reconsider freebies, and actually grow to dislike them. Let me explain- Before digital […]
Kindle or Kindling: A Song of Ice and Fire Changes the Game, by Holly Reynolds
Our series of the e-book vs. real book debate continues with a train of thought I had a few months ago, while staying up late reading A Game of Thrones, Book One of A Song of Ice and Fire. A little background first: this is not my first attempt at starting the dauntingly lengthy series, […]
Kindle or Kindling: Kindle has augmented my reading for the better, by Natalie Schermer
Let me start this post by saying that, like Holly, who wrote the introduction to this series, I, too, have always considered myself to be a book purist. I own over a thousand physical titles (yes, I know I have a problem) and occasionally I’ll rearrange them when I get tired of the current organization. […]