CQ at The Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills is excited to announce that Courtney Sloan, Keith Fentonmiller, Marianne Kirby, J.P Sloan and Adriana Arrington will be manning a Curiosity Quills table at The Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival, September 23, from ten a.m to five p.m. They can be found at table H6 if you want to stop by, have a chat […]
Meet Marianne Kirby, by Clare Dugmore
Meet Marianne Kirby, author of YA LGBT dark-fantasy horror Dust Bath Revival, 2 December at 18:30–20:00, at Wordier Than Thou, 5741 75th Ave. N, Pinellas Park, Florida 33781 and 3 December at 13:00–15:00, at Writer’s Atelier, 336 Grove Ave, Winter Park, Florida 32789 About Dust Bath Revival 16-year-old Henrietta Goodness – Hank to all that […]
Ten Spooky Reads for Halloween, by Clare Dugmore
With Halloween this coming weekend, if you’re looking for a spooky read for your All Hallow’s Eve festivities, I have a great selection for you, including five of my personal favourites, and five CQ titles that are on sale for 99 cents as part of The Kindle Book Review’s Halloween Party. The Spook’s Stories: Witches, […]
August Serial Installments, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills is excited to announce the next installments in our serialized novels Undercover Empath, The Vampire Circus, Havelock, Detour to Apocalypse and Silent Clarion. Undercover Empath: Jorogumo, by RaShelle Workman Rose hasn’t been into work in weeks. She needed the time off to recover from her run in with a serial killer that was […]
Serial Sensation Launch Event, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills is excited to launch part one of FIVE new serialized novels, exclusively on Amazon. And to celebrate, from 6 AM PST/ 9 AM EST/ 2 PM GMT to 9 PM PST/ 12 AM EST / 5 AM EST we’re hosting a Facebook Launch Party, featuring the five serial authors and other bestselling CQ […]
Vampire Fiction, by Natalie Schermer
Even as a young teenager, I never understood the Twilight phenomenon. I slogged my way through the first one and gave up halfway through the second. I disliked Meyer’s writing style and didn’t find her stories compelling, even at the age of fourteen. But I’ve never begrudged Meyer her success; really, I was glad to […]