Gray Hats, by Samantha Bryant
In the old TV melodramas I watched as a child, it was easy to tell the good guys from the bad guys. You didn’t need to look further than the color of their hats. You’ve got the Lone Ranger in his giant white hat riding on his tall, white horse. He’s a straight shooter, both […]
(C) Comic Book to TV and Movie Adaptations, by Clare Dugmore
Last week, we asked what is your favorite comic book to TV adaptation: The Marvel Universe, as presented by Netflix (Jessica Jones and Daredevil), The DC Universe as presented by the CQ (Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow), or Other (Gotham, Supergirl, Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D etc.)   With a whopping 80% of the […]
Building a Hero I Can Believe In, by Samantha Bryant
She stands atop the building, the wind blowing her cape and long, flowing hair out behind her as she scans the horizon. Her perfectly-toned, eternally twenty-three-year-old body is poised to leap (a position that apparently involves torqueing your body to accentuate both your breasts and your butt at the same time for the viewing pleasure […]
Why Superheroes? By Samantha Bryant, by Clare Dugmore
Why Superheroes? By Samantha Bryant   I love superhero stories. Some of the stories that linger best in the deepest heart of me came to me from comic books or movies, and feature people wearing capes and underwear over their pants. From the Wonder Twins to Mighty Mouse, Wonder Woman to The Greatest American Hero, […]
Cure a Movie Hangover: Superheroes!, by Clare Dugmore
Cure a Movie Hangover: Superheroes! by Samantha Bryant Bring on the capes and spandex! It’s been way too long between big screen heroes. Age of Ultron was six months ago, and it’s another six until we’ll see Captain America Civil War. We’re still trying to pretend that The Fantastic Four didn’t happen. Thankfully, there was […]
Jessica Jones Subverts Noir Conventions to Find Hardboiled Perfection, by Clare Dugmore
Jessica Jones Subverts Noir Conventions to Find Hardboiled Perfection, by Michael Panush These days, you are more likely to find a Hardboiled Private Investigator who is part-demon, from another planet, or lives in an alternate reality than your standard Noir gumshoe – and it’s easy to see why. The Detective’s career is the perfect excuse […]