Interview with Professional Knitting Designers Norah Gaughan, Rosemary Hill, and Karen Clements, by Alisa Gus
As well as being an urban-fantasy author, CQ’s Vicki Stiefel is an avid knitter. In fact, when she was preparing for the launch of her novel, CHEST OF BONE, beta reader and fellow knitter Rosemary Hill suggested the novel needed a book of knitting patterns to accompany it. Vicki got together with renowned professional knitting […]
Nine Great Relationships in Fantasy and Why They Work, by Private: Vicki Stiefel
Great fantasy relationships—oh, how I swoon over them. I thought I’d start with Adam and Eve. They were nuts about each other. Except… Yeah, not a HEA. So I turned to Odysseus and Penelope. Talk about an alpha male and a smart woman. They worked for me, and the Greek myths are chock-full of romantic […]
Chest of Bone Cover Reveal and Pre Order Announcement, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills is excited to share the cover for Vicki Stiefel’s forthcoming paranormal, fantasy, romance, thriller CHEST OF BONE, which will be released on February 14, 2017! Chest of Bone is avaliable now for pre-order, and those who pre-order will get the book three days before the offical release, on February 11 instead of 14! […]