(A) Artificial & Androids: What does Human have to do with Humanity Anyway?, by Nikki Tetreault
It begins- The A-Z blog challenge starts today! For those of you who don’t know, that means each day in April (except Sundays) we will be working our way through the alphabet talking books, movies, superheros, oscars, and anything else related to entertainment. To kick things off I’m talking about Androids and artificial intelligence, and […]
Z is for Zilch- As in The Writer’s Block Mind and It’s Cause, by Nikki Tetreault
You sit at your desk, light on, fresh coffee steaming to your left, and a blank screen burning holes into your corneas. You’ve finally made time to write, and your mind goes completely blank. You know it well, it’s a well feared plague among writers everywhere. Writer’s block. While I myself am not a long […]
A is for Anonymous Andrew, by Private: Andrew Buckley
You may think you’re reading a blog post right now. A blog post that kicks off the A-Z Blog Challenge for Curiosity Quills Press. Now you’re beginning to wonder; if you’re not reading a blog post, what are you reading? Well, all I can do is assure you it’s not a blog post. What you’re […]
A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal, by Clare Dugmore
Curiosity Quills loves the A-Z Blogging Challenge, so for the first time ever, we will be taking part and posting every day throughout April (with the exception of Sundays of course)! Our theme will be The Literary World, and will include posts about anything from marketing, writing, and publishing tips, to discussions about aspects of […]
Building Your Author Platform with the A to Z Blogging Challenge, by Clare Dugmore
When it comes to marketing books online, authors are encouraged to establish a platform. We’re told to get involved in social media, and often that involves starting a blog. How do we go about building an audience for our blog though?   There are the basics, of course. Build an attractive, easy to navigate site. […]
Ten Ways Authors Can Connect With Readers On Social Media, by Clare Dugmore
Last month I wrote about how you need to be a real person on social media, and form relationships with potential readers so that when you release a book, these people care enough to buy it. Today, I’d like to discuss some ways you can actually connect with your readers. Be Visual. In marketing, experts […]