“N” is for New Orleans: Best of the City, by Private: Vicki Keire
Gumbo. Beignets. Fortunetelling. Jazz. It’s hard to put the affinity I feel for New Orleans into words. There’s no logical explanation for how much I love the place. I’m not from there, and neither is anyone from my family. I can’t even claim ancestry with any of the world powers that have held the city […]
“H” is for “Holidays”: Bizarre Things to Celebrate This Spring, by Private: Vicki Keire
Spring is the perfect time to get out and celebrate. The warmer weather, after months of being cooped up as victims of winter’s tyranny, makes us want to shed some clothes, and get outside. It’s the ideal season to eat fresh and locally grown things, to buy handcrafted items at fairs, and to generally let […]
(F) Fictional Feasts, by Private: Vicki Keire
My favorite book feasts immediately sprang to mind when thinking about the letter F. Nothing quite engages the senses like a grand meal. I’ve often felt food was a good gauge of how descriptive a writer can be. It seems easier, somehow, to be descriptive when writing about, say, a rose. But food scenes have […]