Z is for Zombies, by Clare Dugmore
Walkers, Biters, The Living Dead, The Undead. No matter what you call them zombies are HUGE in popular culture. From George A. Romero’s movies to TV Show The Walking Dead, zombies as the antagonist are everywhere. But in recent years we’ve seen a rise in zombies as the protagonist, in films such as Warm Bodies […]
W is for Wrestling: What I’ve learned about writing from watching WWE, by Clare Dugmore
Since my teens, I’ve been a big fan of WWE Wrestling, and no not just because of the hot guys in spandex (though it helps)! While I appreciate the athletic abilities of both the men and women that step into the ring, what I really love about wrestling – and what keeps me coming back […]
Video Games: The Perfect Family Bonding Activity, by Clare Dugmore
Some families go bike riding together, others play spots. My family is a family of gamers. Hubby has always been into video games and is now a video games journalist for a living. I was an infrequent casual gamer when we first met, but over the thirteen years we’ve been together, my gaming tastes have […]
T is for Travel: A Literary Tour of Britain, by Clare Dugmore
Whether you’re a resident Brit, or just visiting on vacation, if you’re a book lover, there’s plenty to see and do in the UK. Here are just a few places to include in your literary tour of Britain.   King’s Cross Station Every Harry Potter fan knows that King’s Cross Station is where Hogwarts students […]
S is for Shipping, by Clare Dugmore
Shipping, initially derived from the word relationship, is the desire by fans for two or more people, either real-life people or fictional characters, to be in a relationship, romantic or otherwise. It is considered a general term for fans’ emotional involvement with the ongoing development of a relationship in a work of fiction. Shipping often […]
Research Creep, by Nikki Tetreault
Readers and writers talk about world-building in books all the time, and the best world-building usually has the extremely realistic aspects woven into the story. This is common knowledge, what’s not common knowledge is how to dilute drugs for proper dosage, or successfully get away with murder. Which means that authors get up to some […]
Quo I Am, by Nikki Tetreault
Status Quo is Latin for ‘the state of which’ and is defined as the existing state of affairs. It’s a word we love to toss around when talking about social norms or making changes. I think quo isn’t actually a thing, or a what, but rather, a who. WE are the quo. With technology and […]
P is for Perspective – Which is Right for Your Novel?, by Private: Matthew Cox
 Point Of View One of the most important decisions facing a writer when they embark on the creation of a novel is choosing the point of view from which to tell the story. A different point of view can change the entire feel of a story, and a writer should take care to select the […]
“M” is for Mental Illness: Depictions in Literature, by Private: Vicki Keire
Our writing tends to reflect the world we live in, and nowhere is this more clear than in the way we depict people with mental illnesses. You can trace evolutions in culture by following the literature of the times. The Victorians, for example,  loved their asylums, where inmates were often treated as curiosities to be […]
L is for Love In the Time of #Hashtags, by Private: Lindsey Culli
My novel, THIS ABOVE ALL, began as the result of a wager with some writer friends. Over coffee, one of them bet me that I couldn’t actually reinterpret Romeo & Juliet in a way that would be fresh and appeal to modern YA audiences. Game on, I said. I was supposed to come up with […]