Women, Winning, and Other W words, by Nikki Tetreault
Today’s A-Z challenge letter is W, so as a female I obviously knew something about women was going to be part of the conversation. There are a lot of areas where women ‘fall short’, in the public eye, such as video game and comic usage, science-based careers, equal pay, and even the ratio of successful […]
V is for Vicki’s Literary World, by Clare Dugmore
I never knew just how big and varied the world of books is until I wrote one. And even then, it still took a while to completely sink in. It takes so many people to bring a book into the world- editors, designers, proofreaders, artists, photographers, typographers, pr and marketing…. Well, you get the idea. […]
U is for University: What I Learned Teaching Freshman Comp, by Clare Dugmore
Long before I was a writer, I taught Freshman Comp at a large, football-obsessed state university. I walked thousands of students through the writing process of academic papers. Naturally I thought this would be a big plus when I sat down to write my own novel. I mean, I had been teaching college writing for […]
T is for Trolling – Dealing with Negative Reviews, by Clare Dugmore
Ask most aspiring writers what they think are the fundamental ingredients for publishing success and they’ll probably say talent, a killer story idea, awesome characters, a perfectly polished query letter, and a lot of luck. In short, you need to write a kick-ass book and get it in front of the right people. All of […]
S is for Shelf-Life, by Clare Dugmore
The well-known idiom states: “you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes,” but for me, the most telling thing about a person is their bookshelves. Be it physical or digital, what’s on a person’s book shelf says a lot about their tastes, likes and dislikes.   Here’s my Kindle bookshelf, for example. […]
R is for Reviews, by Clare Dugmore
Reviews are the lifeblood of any author. Word of mouth promotion is key to selling books, and the most accepted form of that is reviews. How many of you check the reviews of a book on Amazon or Goodreads before buying it? How many of you go back and read the reviews of a book […]
Q is for Querying – What The Hell Is A Query?, by Clare Dugmore
What’s the Next Step?   So you’ve just finished your first novel. You are full of sunshine and rainbows. Nothing feels better than typing “The End” and knowing you’ve accomplished something with your life. You’ve written A WHOLE NOVEL, created people and places and things with your brain and your brain alone. You open Google […]
P is for Publishing Today (being a newby in the field of Publishing), by Alisa Gus
Dandelion, oh dandelion, You are the spring’s bright bloom You are lovely and fluffy But a cow will eat you up As quietly as you were born, So quietly will you go to your grave. Of course, it looses something in the Russian to English translation, but essentially, this is my first magnum opus, written […]
O is for Oxford Comma, by Clare Dugmore
Some grammar rules are a given. Use active voice. Link ideas with a conjunction. Use a comma to connect two ideas as one. But one grammar rule divides writers and experts. The Oxford or serial comma. “In English punctuation, a serial comma or series comma (also called Oxford comma and Harvard comma) is a comma […]
M is for Marketing, by Nikki Tetreault
How do I market my book? We get this question in our inbox on a daily basis, and it plagues almost every author out there. Often the answer is a menagerie of social networks, advertising, and blog tours all saying, “Buy my book”.  Problem is, these have become so convoluted and cluttered that it winds […]