About Vampires of Paris Series

Coco and Zuzu—based on the legendary Colette and Josephine Baker—are twins, separated at birth and brought up in Switzerland and Kentucky. Reunited as young women in the demi-monde of Parisian nude revues and houses of prostitution, they are forced to continue in their genetic heritage of vampirism, caused by a mutation to the syphilis spirochete. Menaced by the oldest vampire still living, the shadowy Maître du Monde, and stalked by Coco’s lover Willy, a fifteen-year-old Vatican vampire hunter, as well as Johnny Durango, a formerly famous, now vengeful, “cowboy detective” fresh from an Arizona penitentiary, the two sisters together embark upon a phantasmagorical journey into international film stardom set against the vivid tapestry of 1920s Paris life. If Proust and Zane Grey had collaborated on writing a sprawling erotic vampire epic brought to life in the worlds of Carnivale and Moulin Rouge, The Vampire Circus might be the result.

The romantic and episodic style of the story arc is based on old-fashioned “penny dreadful” serials of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, such as Fantômas or Varney the Vampire.