About Space & Time Series

The Galaxy is a big place. No matter how well you prepare, you aren’t ready for it.

Meet Jregli, a plucky little girl from Yerbra who started out life as a slave. She’s smart enough to realize that she has to get out from under her Mistress’ abuse, but what can she do when the laws of her world will keep her a slave until she dies? The only option is to find herself a better Master.

Shdr’edno looks like the perfect Master, but his rage at being tricked by a mere slave drives him to new heights of cruelty. All his careful plans and schemes now depend on one ugly child. She defeated him in pure Yerbran fashion, and he will do anything to regain his honor. It is not a crime to kill a slave, even a child slave.

Frank Neim always wanted to join the military service and see the Galaxy. Humans, however, are a minority and not politically favored in the Galactic Star Mutuality. Niem struggles to hold his own against the various aliens who want to see him fail. He’s managed to become the Commander of a Space Station, but it isn’t smooth sailing.

These three find themselves struggling to adapt to life on a cosmic scale. Aliens abound and cultures collide in this sweeping space saga. Jregli learns that slaves can be people. Neim learns that he doesn’t have to please everyone. Shdr’edno doesn’t learn much at all. Come and see how they survive Space & Time.