“The test of literature is, I suppose, whether we ourselves live more intensely for the reading of it.”
Elizabeth Drew
The Talisman Chronicles, by The Talisman Chronicles
No description available.
Treasure Chronicles, by Treasure Chronicles
Clark Treasure grew up in a mining town; then, he drank a potion that gave him the ability to raise the dead. Now the army’s after him and he has the ghost of an inventor nagging him to rescue his machines from a corrupt senator. This steampunk western series weaves the paranormal with action and […]
Valcoria, by Valcoria
No description available.
Vampires of Paris, by Vampires of Paris
Coco and Zuzu—based on the legendary Colette and Josephine Baker—are twins, separated at birth and brought up in Switzerland and Kentucky. Reunited as young women in the demi-monde of Parisian nude revues and houses of prostitution, they are forced to continue in their genetic heritage of vampirism, caused by a mutation to the syphilis spirochete. […]
The Wave Gate Cycle, by The Wave Gate Cycle
No description available.
The Witch’s Handbook, by The Witch’s Handbook
Emma Roberts, socially awkward college student and amateur witch, couldn’t save Mike Carlson from drowning in the Chippewa River. Consumed by guilt, Emma turns to a mysterious Book of Shadows to raise him from a watery grave. However, Mike doesn’t come back alone. He brings other dead guys with him—all victims of alcohol, heart attacks, […]
The Wonderland Cycle, by The Wonderland Cycle
The Wonderland Cycle's high-tech setting is shot through with much older, classic detective noir DNA to form something fiercely unique that has been exciting and surprising reviewers left, right and centre.
World of Aluvia, by World of Aluvia
The world of Aluvia has always been full of magic, but when humans greedily use too much of it, magical creatures suffer and the world itself begins to shake apart. When the fairy queens disappear, it marks the beginning of a long journey for three girls who seek to heal their world. Sierra must find […]