“Literature, the most seductive, the most deceiving, the most dangerous of professions.”
John Morley
The December People, by Sharon Bayliss
No description available.
Detective Quaid Mysteries, by Detective Quaid Mysteries
Are professional achievement and love mutually exclusive? Is it possible to hold on to the light while immersing oneself in evil? Detective Steven Quaid, the top cop in Anchorage Alaska, is confident of his accomplishments, and then he meets acclaimed artist, Sarah Palmer. Will a murderous stalker, Lucifer resurrected, or insidious obsession, prove more powerful […]
Division Zero, by Division Zero
In 2418, the population is aware of psionics, people with the ability to affect the world around them with their minds. As humanity so often fears what it does not understand, many with gifts find themselves shunned or vilified for no reason other than ignorance. While some nations seek to exterminate anyone with mental powers, the […]
Dreamcatcher, by Dreamcatcher
No description available.
The Dreamwalker Diaries, by Jen Estes
Every fifteen years, Saturn’s rings disappear from Earth’s view in a celestial phenomenon known as its ring plane crossing. What astronomers don’t know about this Equinox is that it opens the gates for the Jumlin to immortalize his demon spawn. Fortunately for Team Human, the Jumlin is continuously thwarted by time-travelers known the dreamwalkers. 
Egil the Scarred, by Michael Panush
No description available.
El Mosaico, by Michael Panush
Clayton Cane was made – not born – in the Civil War. A Confederate plantation owner-turned-madman stitched pieces from a dozen different body parts together and then used Voodoo magic, depraved science and arcane power to bring the patchwork soldier to life – and as Union river cruisers shelled the plantation, the patchwork man escaped and ran into the swamp. Since then, Clayton Cane has been traveling the brutal frontier of the American West, living by the gun as the bounty hunter known and feared by his scarred face and the nickname El Mosaico.
Elementary, My Dear Watson!, by Jose Prendes
Before Baker Street there was Candlewood Boarding School. That’s where young Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet for the first time and begin their crime solving career as annoying, know-it-alls that manage to always get into difficult situations. Now available for the first time, the lost diaries of 12 year old John Watson, who narrates […]
The Enigma of Twilight Falls, by Mike Robinson
The Enigma of Twilight Falls is a trilogy that can be read in any sequence, composed of the novels The Green-Eyed Monster, Negative Space and the forthcoming Waking Gods. All titles give glimpses into the strange and cosmic phenomenon beating in the town’s breast.   The Green-Eyed Monster (2012) introduces the northern California town of Twilight […]
Eternal Beings, by Lisa Collicutt
In Nowhere Colorado a runaway gets immersed in the dangers of an outlaw motorcycle club. Struggling through everyday life as a newly patched-in club member, our heroine also faces the dangers of her true identity—a secret so dark, it makes biker gangs look like child’s play. Enter the unique world of good vs. evil in […]
The Extraordinaries, by Melissa McShane
No description available.
Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles, by Katie Hamstead
No description available.
Far From Home, by Matthew Cox, Tony Healey
No description available.
The Faraday Files, by Kate McIntyre
Set in a world very similar to 1900s London, The Faraday Files combines fantasy, mystery, conspiracy and character drama. Christopher Buckley, young, impressionable and influenced by the prejudices of his time finds himself surrounded by a cast of exceptional women whose differing characters will slowly reconstruct his understanding of strength in others—and in himself.
The Fate Divisions, by Kate Miller
No description available.
Feral Seasons, by Marianne Kirby
No description available.

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