About My So Called Afterlife Series

Even in the midst of loss and the chaos of the universe that often seems random, Olga and her friends are there to remind us that everything happens for a reason and that life can never truly let us down with our besties by our side to lift us up,” said Ayres.


A coming-of-age novel like no other, 18 Thoughts offers a fresh contemporary story, wrapped in a paranormal, spiritual plot twist that will leave you laughing, sobbing, and begging for more.


“Ayres story follows Olga through situations that almost everyone has experienced at some point in their life,” said Curiosity Quills Press Marketing director Nikki Tetreault. “Whether you are dealing with grief, working through a relationship, or trying to find yourself or your faith, there is something for everyone in 18 Thoughts.”

Of her inspiration in writing the series, Ayres said, “I wrote the My So-Called Afterlife trilogy to illustrate the importance of relationships, not just while we’re coming of age, but our whole lives.”