About El Mosaico Series

Clayton Cane was made - not born - in the Civil War.

A Confederate plantation owner-turned-madman stitched pieces from a dozen different body parts together and then used Voodoo magic, depraved science and arcane power to bring the patchwork soldier to life - and as Union river cruisers shelled the plantation, the patchwork man escaped and ran into the swamp.

Since then, Clayton Cane has been traveling the brutal frontier of the American West, living by the gun as the bounty hunter known and feared by his scarred face and the nickname El Mosaico.

Cane is a brutal gunslinger, bounty hunter, mercenary and soldier of fortune and his adventures bring him into contact with a West as wild and monstrous as he is. From the monster-haunted bayous to the foggy streets of Victorian London, Cane remains a violent force trying his best to capture his target and survive. With only his two revolvers at his side, he takes on cannibal cultists, vengeful ghosts, the living dead and more bizarre and terrible foes - all in the name of getting his bounty.