About Dark Choir Series

Down each dark alley, in the city basements, in the shadows of each building and monument lurks a host older than Mankind. They feed on souls and suffering. Throughout human history hermetic practitioners have attempted to harness their power, often to their own damnation. It is said that the rocks and trees will cry out the praises of God… but in the center of the world there is a Dark Choir, full of time, whose song is the doom of Man.

Baltimore socialite Dorian Lake was captured by the societies of hermetic practitioners at an early age. He keeps his practice clean of Netherwork, the sinister arts that call upon infernal forces. His world is filled with powerful enemies, both on the streets and in the seats of power. Dorian’s wit and charisma keep him just safe enough to survive, but every day he plies his trade is a day closer to an inevitable confrontation with the Dark Choir.