Weatherby and Mort take a job for Baron Edwin Exham, a powerful vampire with some dark secrets. His wife Lenora is looking to exploit those secrets – and bring Weatherby and Mort along for the ride.

Everything in the spacious garden of Ravenwood Manor was gray and dead, including the house’s master and his wife. Baron Edwin Exham and Lenora Exham sat at a glass table around dead grass, dead flower beds and skeletal dead trees. They were still as a painting with their mammoth bodyguard standing behind them. I was there to meet them for a job, and they insisted on seeing me in the twilight around sundown. I knew what they were. I didn’t mind.

My name is Morton Candle and I’m a private dick. My fists and my guns work for whoever pays the most money, and investigation is usually only half of the job. The other half involves violence and blood. I take the bad jobs, the weird jobs, the jobs that pay well because there are so few people willing to do them - and even less who know what they’re dealing with. You see, I tore across Europe with the Screaming Eagles in the Big One, parachuting down into the black heart of the Black Forest - and right into the center of Hitler’s occult workshop. I won’t tell you what I saw there, but consider my eyes open and my trigger finger itchy.

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